Pros and cons of Vinograd

i am moving to Vinograd in the next few weeks (hopefully) and wondered if anyone can point out the pros and cons of the village, also what is  happening with hemus motorway?

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Vingrad is a nice place, though quite small one. If you do not need most of the advantages of the big city they you will probably like it.

Hemus Motorway is "out of space" for the time being. Corruption scandals, high priced bids and no money. I wouldn't count on it for the next two years.

Hi,,,I lived in Vinograd for 8mths & found it very peacefull,some lovely local people & children so polite,,,there are a few expats who have lived there for a lot of years,,so thats a good sign of village,,you also have Polski Trembish 20min away for household supplies & hardware shops & builders supplies,,,only reason i moved was to be closer to VT,has my daughter is moving there soon,,,,hope that helps you,,,,eddie

Thanks everyone. See you in a few weeks

Hello Frankie, have you moved to Vinograd? What is your opinion of the village? Going to view a few houses in Veliko Tarnovo area over this weekend, including Vinograd ...

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