Indonesian laws-Scams,threats,image rights and usurpation of identity

Hello everybody,

As you can guess, I have a problem with an Indonesian guy since a while and I would like to know more about Indonesian laws and if I can file a claim against him.
This is a long story but I'll make it short.

I've been in couple with an Indonesian for 2 years.
2 years of lies, Psychological abuse and manipulation.

Through those years I lent this guy half of all my economies (which is, to me, a lot of money) for his debt or for meet each other,
Often it was forced through a fake account of girl that he used to control my feelings and so my acts (giving him money).

After I realized the truth I broke up with this man. Of course he wouldn't gave back what I lent him, all that was supposed to be saved for meet was already gone for his debt.
I didn't go to police for all of this because I guess it would be considered my fault (and I can agree on this)
But recently this guy threat me, he leaks my nudes on Facebook, pretending to be me and telling I'm a slut so I would back to him.

It was already hard for me to handle but now it is way too much... I'm becoming scared and seriously tired. For this man if I die he would be happier because "I would be to nobody else"

So this is why I'm here guys, what can I do against him ? (I know everything about Facebook uses, it takes time but they will probably erase his profile, but he won't stop) How is law in Indonesia ? Can I file a claim against him and have I a chance to win ?

I'm really tired to see him breaking my live...
I hope to have reply from you soon.

Thanks all !

P.S : Sorry if my English is weird, I'm french.
And sorry if it is hard to understand, I shortened it so it would be the faster to read.

At least part of this is clear. The moment someone defames you on social media you have them. Defamation laws here are harsh and punishments can be severe.
Publishing pornography is a serious criminal act, so that'll leave him in trouble as well.

Your profile indicates that you are living in France.  If that is the case, there is very little you can do unless this Indonesian fellow is in France with you…aside from what you already mention regarding pursuing Facebook to remove your photos. 

If you are here in Indonesia it would help to know where you are as that will impact the sort of advice you might receive.

Hi there,
If you want to take legal actions, it needs to be clear first what are your objectives.
Are your objectives:
1) To make him stop what he is doing?
2) To punish what he is doing?
3) To get compensation

If you are in Indonesia, you can do it easily by making a report to the police. However since you are not here, you can retain a lawyer by proxy and it is possible to do that. However, keep in mind the costs involved in hiring a lawyer.

From the few details you are saying on this forum, I am unsure of the gender or the relationship you are on with this Indonesian person. I assume you are a woman from France. And the Indonesian is a guy, however he controls a female account to deceive you too?

One note of caution though, if you havent spoken with the person or meet the person. It can be likely to be one Big Scam and Lie. You could be uncertain of the real identity of the person. It is often a network of scammers from countries such as Nigeria plying the internet and it might not even be Indonesian or person you thought to be.

In any likely event. You could collect evidence by retaining copies of:
~ Identity card of the person
~ Name and address of the person
~ bank details transfer if any
~ facebook post histories, print out copies and with date shown and websites on the pages shown
~ any records of messages or sms on the phones between both of you
~ email communication prints out
~ saved copies of internet pages, on soft copies on usb flash disk.

All this can be used as evidence. Even if the person wipes out the real post on the internet, there are websites that specialised on internet cache and history that can be accessed in the future. What is posted on the internet is likely to stay on.

If the person is an Indonesian, you have actionable case against him based on what you are saying here ~ laws regulating IT communication and dissemanating pictures that may contain pornography.
Both are serious breaches of Indonesian law and could easily constitute jail time.
You dont even have to prove he is scamming you. You only need to prove he is the identity of the person who has been doing all these actions.

Additional Notes.
Indonesian police has a dedicated cyber crime division. It is small division.
But it might be worthy to pursue over there too.
Google indonesia cyber crime division.

Hello there,

first of all, thank you all very much for your replies, it helps me see more clearly the situation.

To precise, yes I am a french woman, living in France and having trouble with a guy living in Indonesia. It's why I came here to get advice :/. I never had this kind of problem before and it is linked with overseas so I really do not know what I could do, and if even I have any power.

I do not intend to get compensation, just to make him stop, but I know I'll need to "punish him" for this to happen, or he just won't stop.

(the thing with the "female account" is that he created a fake profile with fake pics, pretending it to be a girl living near him, that is love him, and crazy about him, as a way to make me act as he wishes)

I do have the identity card of the person, as his name and address, I kept all the bank transfer paper, made many screenshot that would proof what I'm saying.

In the end, by all your comment I am not sure, if from here I am able to do anything ? (I see a yes and no part)

Thank you really much again

You may find this article to be of great interest to you, given your situation, but it won’t be very encouraging when it comes to offering you viable options on how to best deal with this problem from a legal point: … 64251.html

Your best bet, and certainly the least expensive, might be to cancel all your current internet connections, especially your e-mail and social media accounts, “go dark” for a short period, and start over.  To that end you might want to consult with someone at your end in France who specializes in internet security and related issues.

Good luck.

If you go to the police, it will just cost you more...

I'm sorry to bother again but is there is really nothing I can do ?...
If I can't file a claim at police, can't I at least stop him ?

He do worse and worse things, he publish my identity and pic to porn site, he venge at family members....
I became so worried I can't sleep at night...
I'm so tired... I'm really enough of this...

Aside from the advice already given to you, another option would be for you to hire an attorney here in Indonesia, preferably close to where this guy lives.  This of course will have expenses (possibly considerable expenses).  You can do a search for lawyers on Google, something like “lawyers in XYZ Indonesia” and send one or two of them an e-mail discussing your situation. 

Good luck!

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