Dilma's government breaking up

So now it is (finally) official - PT's biggest coalition partner, PMBD, is leaving the government and several ministers has already resigned. … tner-quits

This can get very ugly and i will definitely avoid large congregations or any form of political demonstrations until the outcome becomes clearer  - i do not think the PT supporters will sit silently and watch the fall of the government if a sense of "coup" is spreading.

Another interesting article - Mr Greenwald is a famous left wing journalist but he has some valid Points, especially regarding the Brazilian press and their historical connections to the far right of Brazilian politics. … 1#comments

Always useful with someone questioning the mainstream narrative

I read that as well. I have a lot of respect for Greenwald. I feel he is highly principled. I felt his arguments have merit and his analysis was nuanced. Calling out the blanket corruption. PT included but also challenging the dominant narrative. I'm hoping things stay peaceful

from the BBC
Brazil's PMDB party quits ruling coalition

This is what i am worried about now that impeachment seems almost inevitable - the PMDB mafia has everything to gain by shutting Down the lava jato investigation and a large part of the population will be happier for it since they by now only wants life to get back to normal - many seem to forget that Brazils problems are much more complex than this single case … 9944124c7d

I agree with the thoughts and the articles for reading and I hope for a Peaceful solution for the problems outside looking in of the countries future and the population need to be addressed for the millions of dollars spent on this investigation and it's distraction from more significant matters is outrageous at its best. For all can see that this is a hot mess. I hope the people will look forward to forming a government of the future and bringing this country out of chaos as it seems all have a ulterior motive and those who are not suffering from blindness will see the light. Take care and enjoy each day as for me I'm going to pop some popcorn and pull up a chair and watch the actors put on there best act for it is far from a performance and watch the ridiculousness ensue. What a mess.

One has to ask the question... What does a nation do when it can no longer even have faith in the impartiality of the highest court in the land? Who does one turn to for justice when even the Judiciary is suspect?

When a President of the Republic is caught out in a wiretapped conversation with an ex-president under investigation for corruption and various other crimes stating that there's nothing to worry about, because SHE (the president) has 5 Supreme Court Ministers in the palm of her hand that brings the administration of justice under suspicion that simply will not go away.

When that governments of those two individuals has in fact named 8 of the 11 sitting Ministers to the Court, including the President of the Supreme Court, the shadow falls on all of them, and it isn't difficult to understand why. In all of the shady maneuvers that have taken place over the past weeks the Supreme Court has clearly shown that Dilma very likely does have at least 5 of them in her pocket, if not more. Clearly the decisions that they're making lately have much more to do with party affiliations that with the law or the Federal Constitution.

The most outrageous decision was to grant Lula, a common citizen, a priviledged court to which he has no legal right. It has essentially set up a situation now where any common criminal can now, based on Art. 5 of the Federal Constitution, claim the right to be tried ONLY by the Supreme Court, since after all we're ALL supposed to be the same before the law.

I don't know if it is constitutionally possible, but the Brazilian people are now calling for the Supreme Court to be disbanded and all of the Ministers be replaced.

James Experts Team

Two more senior Brazilian officials have resigned in the latest blow to the government of President Dilma Rousseff.

They are Sports Minister George Hilton and Col Adilson Moreira, who was organising security at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next August.

Col Moreira reportedly wrote that he was ashamed the country was being led by "an unscrupulous group".
( from the BBC)
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Well it looks like rough sailing ahead for the walking of the plank has began as well as the desertion of the rank and file, what else can I throw in maybe the kitchen sink and perhaps the cook will walk off also. Looks like the Blame Game is in full effect,. I wonder what will the world think of these two positions being vacated for who ever takes the  jobs will be able to place the problems on the previous person  and say they inherited a mess, irresponsible and no accountability, this is like a bad movie with bad actors and perhaps it was scripted for reality TV for you cannot make these type of things up. I wonder with the two positions vacated how this new chaos will play out. What's next and who's next for who ever takes the positions will just be fall guys what a debacle. Now back to the popcorn and the chair maybe I should have a cold one for this is leaving a foul taste and smell for it is not the butter burning the popcorn. I have lost it on this topic.
everyone have a good day and I can only add humor for if not I would only be able to throw a match on board and fire on a listing ship is not good.

President Dilma Rousseff took a plane from the Brazilian Air Force and flew to Rio Grande do Sul. She left Brasilia to 9h20min this Saturday (2), arrived in Porto Alegre around noon and returns to Brasilia tomorrow, Sunday, without taking part in any official commitment.

To transfer from Canoas Air Base (municipality which borders Porto Alegre), where she landed, the president used a FAB helicopter, as she always does. The flight to the south of the state capital, where she has an apartment, takes about five minutes. But Dilma does not seem like cars in the least.

The costs of Dilma's trips are paid by Brazilians who work, produce and pay taxes. Dilma does not know the value of public funds. These trips are legal, but there is no doubt that they are a mockery, especially given the crisis that is shaking the country. Just because something is 'legal' that does not necessarily mean that it is right or even moral.

The explanation the government has given for the trip is that Dilma traveled to visit family members that she has not seen since Easter. Holy crap, my calendar must be broken, wasn't Easter just last weekend? This little junket must have cost the taxpayers somewhere in the area of R$80 thousand, which comes on the heels of a similar trip last weekend. I'm sorry, legal or not this trip was obscene and immoral to say the very least when put in that context.

Given the president's widely reported emotional outbursts in the Palácio de Planalto over the past few weeks, breaking furniture, self-medicating with tranquilizers, shouting obscenities at everyone around her, it is quite clear that Rousseff has lost all touch with reality, clearly not the type of individual who any longer has the capacity or who can even be trusted to govern the country.

James Experts Team

But she dose have capacity, the capacity to spend, sounds a bit like  "Marie-Antoinette" Let them eat cake, and we all know what happened to her,
but in this case, I fly and the others can walk,,
"people don't for get",, keep paying your taxes, up the works

I bet some time ago, this works party said they would give power to the people,
well that got it, but it was a different type of power, it was electricity

Brazil committee head recommends Rousseff's impeachment
From the BBC

Might as add this one to the pile, who will be unscathed to lead?

Top Brazil Court Orders Opening of Impeachment Against VP - ABC News … p-38169102

The article is a few days old,enjoy if you have time. This gets worse by the minute.

Well it looks like the number 2 and number 3 people in line for the Throne have some problems on this listing ship so who is number 4? It seems no one is unscathed by the political process. It seems as if no one knows what the hell is going on. I will remain neutral and comment in a generic manner as religion and politics are two subjects that strike ire and problems. I'll leave it at that. Now I will pull up the chair have a cold one and pop some corn and watch the show. And what a show it will be as this is Priceless!

Man overboard, just something new as the boat is facing a rough time in port, forget a sea run!
Brazil court delays ruling on Lula's cabinet job … html?nhp=1

Maybe someone has a life  vest.

The court simply doesn't want egg on its face. If Dilma is suspended by the senate for 180 days, it would no longer make sense to deal with the issue of Lula being a minister. If that happens, everything for Lula will revert to Curitiba.

It just will not stop will anyone be left standing after this me$$. If you have time to read this has become a survivor issue.

Brazilian president's campaign strategist arrested - BBC News
This is getting crazy.

Here we go as the heat is on!

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff could face criminal charge | World news | The Guardian … nal-charge

This gets crazier by the minute. Just chiming in. If one has time enjoy

Well looks like Change is on its way.
Brazil turns right as old elite wastes no time erasing Workers' party influence | World news | The Guardian … chel-temer

It will take a generation to correct or adhere. Life is Choice Driven.

Well it looks like there's a Prisoner at the Palace.
Temer Orders Military to Surround Residence of Dilma Rousseff | News | teleSUR English … -0056.html
wow. Everyday it's something new.

things are really getting hot,
Up the worker's
if there is any
yes there is
I'm working
so  up me   :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Smells like a Frango Coup! It's getting hot with each moment, can't wait to see the Roosters lay some ovals. This may change things and talvez not. Krazee each and every Frick n moment.

It's getting hotter each day. I wonder who will resign this coming week.
Ken Livingstone: Labor, Progressives Must Oppose Brazil Coup | Opinion | teleSUR English … -0020.html
lengthy article and leave a lot of questions. What are the options.
enjoy if one has interest and time. I wonder if it will change anything?  Will it get ugly in August? Only time will tell.

What Legacy will be left? The more it Changes, Change can be questionable? And is there a anwser.
Brazil: Temer's 'Coup-Male' Govt Sees Key Women Resign En Masse | News | teleSUR English … -0022.html
and another thingy.
Temer Ends Brazil's Plan to Host 100,000 Syrian Refugees | News | teleSUR English … -0012.html
Enjoy if one has the time. Will it ever end? It's all about distraction from all the current unrest.

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