what is process for Egyptian to Marry Malaysian

I want to know after marriage ,if we can live and work in Malaysian or it's gonna be hard for as am Egyptian. does anyone has any ideas?

You can live and work under spousal program after obtaining a spousal visa. How to obtain a spousal visa is not that easy nowadays because a lot marry for convenience  and contract. Please check with Immigration Malaysia to get more info. They change their policy ever so often and it is more strict as time goes by. I have lost track. :) Good luck.

Hello Dear,

Actually we are together almost two years that's why we want marry and i visit Malaysia and we spent time togr there also working in another country togr .Do you think this things will help? i cannot imagine how the governments nowadays trying to stop ppl which they love each others :(

Mr Mahmoud, I am glad that you have found your true love. Well if you believe that your love is so strong, there is nothing that is in your way. Just check with Malaysian Immigration to get your info so your wedding will go smoothly. I think you have to revert back to your Embassy and country also for verification. Either way, you have to work towards your love.

Ms Dayang ,Thank you so much for supporting us .It's seems not easy to have even information but i will contact them again to find out any information so it will be smooth for both of us :)

Mr Mahmoud, my experience with Immigration Malaysia is that wear your patience around your neck like a wreath, bring a local (your future wife) and even if they don't treat you right the 1st time, try again the 2nd time or 3rd or 4th time. Good luck you both!

If it's gonna be too much from them then i will hire lawyer so they can enjoy togr :D

Hi if you have a degree and 5 years experience in a demand field easy. If you are unqualified no.

things isn't that simple :)

I know the process so I can help some. The short answer is yes, you can marry, work and live here with your wife. But WILL it happen? Hard to say yet.

I assume you are muslim from your name, yes? Ok first thing, do you have her fathers permission to marry, and to marry in Malaysia? Answer that first.

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