LIED Anyone?

Anyone singing lied in Vientiane?  James

Could you please be a bit more specific as to what you are seeking ??

I don't mean to be mysterious, but anyone who sings these songs knows what they are called.

Please enlighten the unwashed and uninformed so that myself and other members may be of assistance... :cool:

Songs:  Monteverde to Marx (Joseph) --

I think he means Lieder, Stumpy.

Lieder is the plural of lied, VD, and I'm using lied (its singular) as a mass noun categorizing "song" as a conceptual abstraction  "I sing lied" (I sing a category of songs ) is a different statement from "I sing lieder,"(I sing a lot of songs).  Do you sing or accompany, VD?

You should write Lied with a capital L. By the way, Lied usually refers to the Germanic versions. If you are talking about British songs, for example songs by Britten, they are referred to as Art songs, not Lieder.
No I do not sing or accompany, but my ex was (is) one of the most famous exponents of Lieder and opera in Australia, so I have a very wide and eclectic knowledge thereof. Her performances of Brecht und Weil, the Wesendonk Lieder and Mahler's Die vier letzten Lieder were world class. The last of these rivalled Jessye Norman's stunning performances.

Yes, Germans cap all nouns.  Is anyone singing lied in Vientiane?

I am not German; I just write correctly. "Lied" or "Lieder" is not an English word. To answer your question, no nobody that I know of. Occasionally the French Cultural Institute have visiting artists, but this is rare - once a year or every couple of years or so. Try Morlam instead?

Thank you.  Who is Morlam?

Thanks, vientianeboy, for ref:

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Wish translation was possible!!!

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