3 month visa extension no more

Hi Katie, what length business class visas are available, 3, 6 and 12 months ?


Thanks for your answer Kate

Yes, we have decided to leave but dont know yet if we will come back to a country where we appently are so un-welcome

You can get business visa from 1 year to 3 years with a sponsorship from a Vietnamese company.

It's strange that the agents told you they cannot extend your visa as you only arrived with your first 3 month visa. As far as I know, if you come here with a 3 month tourist visa, you can extend 1 time 3 month tourist visa. Only that 1 time extension and you will have to do visa-run to get another 3 months visa.

you can extend but only for 1 month, then after that you must do a visa run. it is ridiculous. a visa run after 12 months of extensions was a good policy but this new one is no good.

Hi Ngan

You are maybe right in what you say about getting a visa extension first time but who knows with all the confusion here  - we have lost all confidence in Visa Agents in Vietnam and see them as vultures and scam artists.

Unfortuntely Vietnam will see many expats leaving cause of these agents + the horrible visa Circus going on here - My advice to others : Never use Visa Agents if you can avoid it and def never trust them ...

I live in Hoi an and was unable to get a 3 months extension. So I had to take the Bus to Lao Bao
Out of Vietnam into Laos get in out stamp 1000000 Vnd  Back to Vietnam DON"T FORGET YOU NEED LETTER (ORIGINAL) Get new 3 months Vietnam Visa 600000Vnd
Back on the Bus to Hoi an
What a day
17 hour day

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