Who's willing to give this unique travel guiding a try?

Hi guys! I am glad to have finally found an online community for Amman expats with good content. It's been quite a struggle to find one. I hope this doesn't come across as spam. I am a living, breathing human being ready to hear (and respond to) your opinion on this!  :)

So my friend and I are testing an idea which involves connecting travelers and locals in a place. Our vision is to give tourists a more unique and personal travel experience by assigning a local who is knowledgeable about his/her own locale and can therefore answer all or most questions the traveler might have. We believe that any information obtained from the Internet can never rival what YOU know as a local. This is different from traditional tour guiding in that you only communicate with the traveler through digital means, giving tourists (and you as the local guide) freedom to do other things alongside this activity. This is a great opportunity to share your culture and maybe make new friends along the way while earning money on the side. Being a non-mainstream tourist destination where tourists could use all the help they can get, Amman would be a good test site.

Who's interested to be a virtual local guide? Also, we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about this!  :)

Thank you!

sounds interesting

PM me the details please

Love the idea but I have one BUT:

Locals never know what qualified and certified tour guides know.
They studied at the university to become a tourist guide and often they can tell you the difference between Jordan and the country of origin  ( if there's any ) at daily life.
Beside dry facts they can tell stories behind known facts.

Unfortunately these times are bad times for tourism due the situation in the surrounding countries.

Primadonna, you have a very good point there.. but I guess I understood the idea differently.

what ai understood is that the locals are not required to have the tour guide experience although it would ve nice, but what they need to provide is more like a cultural guide.. like the best places to go, how to behave, dress code, paperwork, work and live small details that you won't find in the lonely planet for example plus throwing in your own personal experience like if you are an outdoor kind of person you would know more about hiking, mountains and stuff related or if you are a social person you might know more about the best shisha places to go to and so on...

I think that is a big plus because it will create a unique experience for the expats each time they were paired with one of the knowledgable locals... my money here would be on how to pick those locals, scrern them and make sure they are actually in for the money and fun and wanna help rather than just fooling around or seeking women.

I my self find the idea appealing and very infrresting andI think I have quite an experience to share plus I love meeting people and getting to know new cultures.
So it would be a nice portal to share all that across.

Peace, light and happiness


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hehe.. I guess u saced me twice so far.. should I expect a bill? 😂

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