working visa for hiv+ ?

hi everybody, there is sombody can help me?
i will move to Shanghai to work for 2 years with my company. I am hiv+ from 3 years and i am on therapy. I am in a very good health and I will bring my medication from my country.
Will i have some problems to obtein my working visa?

The exact answer, I think you should write email or phone call to Chinese embassy. But all the best !!!!

Thank you very much.

Maybe this might give you some ideas:

thank you!!!!

Could you tell us what happened finally?
There are some cases of hiv positive people working in China, I need to know

In order to obtain a working visa in China, you are required to take a physical health exam. Following that procedure, they will discover you are HIV positive.  What the Chinese officials do with that information is anyone's guess.  Good luck

thank you very much

Dear All,

I can recommend a company which specializes on Expats visas and permits.

I am surprised to see messages from some people saying that they were provided residence permits / work visas. 

After consulting with multiple agencies, I was advised not to apply and that being HIV positive would result in an automatic rejection, notwithstanding other merits of ones application.

Are there any HIV pos people here who have successfully received Beijing / Shanghai work

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