Moving to Uruguay with your family

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When settling abroad with your spouse and children, the expatriation process requires an extensive preparation.

What are the considerations to take into account when moving to Uruguay with your family? What challenges have you faced? How did your children adapt to their new environment?

What is your recipe for a successful family expatriation in Uruguay?

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Uruguay is a Spanish speaking country  - without a functional knowledge of Spanish you will be hobbled on every effort
There are three schools in Montevideo; one Spanish, one German, one English  - all private institutions and quite professional institutions.  These are located in the Montevideo area - to my knowledge the outlying cities do not have equal institutions due to their small populations or absence of international students, but this needs to be verified.The state school system is at best functional to the level of minimal literacy. Be prepared to fund and transportation support your children
Food prices will be approximately equal to the mid-Atlantic coast areas in the US - check international relative cost statistics for exact comparison
Housing is expensive in Montevideo and the quality varies from marginal to very adequate. Housing construction methods are adapted for the climate which has only 3 months of mild winter.  Housing will represent a significant problem when moving to UY.
Motor fuel and lubricants are state controlled and EXPENSIVE along with automobiles as the tax is very significant.  A thorough study of the tax system as it applies to expats is essential - available on the web at many sites.
Travel is easy over will established road system and air travel is connected through major international airports.  Travel to smaller cities is via small aircraft to regional airports.  Massive cruise lines call into the port of Montevideo during the tourist season.
Communications + internet is entirely adequate.
Water and food is superior to that of North America
Best to be supported by a company in obtaining the residency documentation as the bureaucracy is slow and bungling - has to be watched continuously to insure progress.
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Uruguay has a small population, and being a socialist based system, the employment opportunities are minimal.

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