Any primary school recommendation for Etterbeek or near by?

Hi expat mums,
I am looking for primary schools for my son. He is turing to 6 this September and we are looking for a primary school for him. We lives in Ixelles but it seems most of the school have no places. Now we are on the waiting list.
I would like to check more schools in Etterbeek. Do you have any school recommendation?
Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards,
Pui Man

There is NO reason why you couldn't have gotten a place in any Ixelles primaire, if you'd applied on time. Nearest to home is where I would recommend with a place. Pointless putting your child through a longer journey. Try Ixelles and try Ixelles again.

Ridiculous advice, please ignore, though I am sure the OP is intelligent enough to know that.

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