Find a rugby club in Barcelona

Hi everyone,

I'm Andy, I'm a 27 year old guy moving from Andalucia to Barcelona in May for a new job and I wanted to find a fairly centrally located rugby club which I can join with either a set of expats or some English speaking players (my Castillan is basic at best currently)...

I'm not particularly fussy but it would be nice to continue playing a fairly decent standard if possible!
Which clubs would you recommend?
Alternatively do you know where I can find more information, I have done my own research but the Catalunya Rugby Union site & the various clubs Facebook pages aren't particularly informative :).

Many thanks!


I love Barcelona very much! take all emotions of this trip!

When we were there we did not visit so many clubs, just bars in a hotel. But we have taken the segway tour by the coastline and the oldest port in the city. Segway is special two-wheel vehicle which is very easy in driving. It was breathtaking^ so many impressions and no any weariness.

Did you ever find anywhere Andy? There seems to be a few clubs around but I cant see any information online where there is one that has expats playing. Thought it would be easier than this..


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