Taiwanese Canadian New in Taipei

Hello everybody!

My name is April. I was born in Taiwan but grew up in Canada! I then spent the last year in London UK doing my studies and now have recently moved to Taipei! I don't really know anybody here and would love to meet some new people! I speak English, Mandarin and a little bit of French. I was in Greece last summer visitng some friends and now I'm learning a bit of Greek on my own. I'd love to form new friendships and learn more about other cultures and explore Taiwan together. I'd also love to practice French and Greek with some friends!

Hello aorukaya

I invite yout to drop an advert in the Language Exchange field of the Taipei Classifieds to increase your chances to find a partner interested


great! will check it out. Thanks!

Hi. Welcome back to your birthplace.
How long were you in the Great White North?
Exploring Taiwan together is out. C'est impossible n'est-ce pas?
So are you in Taipei? If so I may be willing to make a fool out of myself practicing what little French I know with you.
Meanwhile you may want to go to Eye on Taiwan and search David Wang to read my views and articles.
Enjoy yourself meanwhile.

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