Laundry Shops in Hue

Haven't seen any laundry shops in Hue. Does anyone know where they are?.

Had no probs finding them in Hanoi because many travel agent shops did it. Any ideas?


Bad Laundry experience using Google Hotel at 26-28 Tran Cao Van, Hue. I used the service 3-4 times. One time they gave the fresh laundry in dirty shopping bags. I let it slide and used them again. This time, when I went to collect laundry it wasn't ready (even through we had agreed on collection time of 9pm). I told them to bring it to where I was staying in Hue, when the cloths were ready (after drying). They turned up at 10:45pm, with my cloths + someones elses cloths. Cloths were put in a dirty shopping bag with bread crumbs.Clean cloths + dirty bag. Hey!, what's the difference, its same..same..if you use google hotel.

Some of the tailor shops do laundry on Le Loi close to the DMZ bar....

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