Repatriating Dead Body Back to Home Country

Hi guys. It's terrible news to me that a friend of mine died this week, and I'm coming over to Manila for the repatriation process. But this week is the Holy Week for Christians, and I believe most offices (government) are closed until Sunday.

What's the normal procedure to repatriate dead bodies back to home country for a foreigner? Are there any fees involved? What's the first step to begin with? What are the requirements?

I would like to thank you all for your kind help.

Perhaps contact your Embassy.

In most countries unless you are a member of the deceased's immediate family, or legal next of kin you aren't going to have any authority to repatriate the body. Obtaining official documents like Death Certificate, official permission to export human remains, Coroner's warrant (if required) may be impossible except under the circumstances above.

There are going to be special requirements regarding embalming, type of casket require, shipping container, Fees for all the required documents and airlines may have special rules about shipping human remains. The fee for the repatriation is usually quite high.

It's not even likely that even your Consulate-General in the Philippines is even going to deal with you under the circumstances. Before you waste your time and money, you really need to seek the advice of the Consulate there or Ministry of Foreign Affairs at home.

Is there some reason that a member of the immediate family can't travel to arrange repatriation.

Cheers, Experts Team

Has cremation in country been considered - again it would require a direct relative to arrange but it will simplify what is a horribly cumbersome and expensive process

A friend of mine is an Emirat, his brother came over, and the embassy took care everything, including the expenses.

We however had to deal with other personal stuffs.

Thank you all for your kind replies.

Strange this was found, exactly what needs to be done for me to be cremated here? My family will not be involved just my girlfriend?

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