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I just arrived this past week from the states.  I am having some furniture made but it is nicer and more substantial than I really need.  I have a small garage for which I'd like some rudimentary shelves to organize tools and the like.  Where can I get this?  I've seen plastic type shelves at the Nakumatt but they're a little high.  For nearly the same price I could get solid wood hand made bookshelves, but that seems like over kill.  So my questions are:

Can you get used furniture (or anything) here?
Do expats / missionaries / embassy folks have a place where they would buy / sell / trade?
Anything else related I should know?


Welcome to Kampala.  Most expats sell unwanted items on Facebook groups such as Kampala Expats, (there are three groups of this) and Mzungus in Kampala.  Do a FB search and you will find the groups.  I hope you find this useful.

I don't know if this is still useful for you but it can be for others moving to Kampala. There is another forum where expats (and locals) sell used stuff. There is also other relevant info and networking opportunities with other expats. Here is the link

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