Bomb blasts in Brussels: stay safe

Hello everyone,

Bomb blasts have been reported in Brussels on Tuesday morning, namely at Zaventem Airport and in subway stations in the city-center. According to the local police, 13 people have died while around 30 have been injured so far.

Security measures have been reinforced throughout the country. A terrorist attack is suspected, although the origin of blasts is still being investigated.

Residents are highly advised to stay indoors and avoid the airport, as well as subway stations. Moreover, air and railway traffic towards Zaventem have been suspended until further notice.

Our heart goes out to the families of victims. To each and everyone of you, stay safe.

The usual applies - Watch out for cases left alone and people acting in odd ways.

One a personal note - I really wish these idiots would stop being so ruddy stupid.

Words are missing to describe such an horror. The team and I would like to express our sympathy to the victim's relatives, and to all Belgians around the world. We're with you.

Hope everyone is safe!

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