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Hi. I am an American citizen married to a Mauritian . We currently live in France and will be moving to Mauritius this June . Does anyone know how I can become a legal immigrant/permanent resident ?

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As you are married to a Mauritian citizen, you will easily obtain a spouse permit. A few formalities are required but frankly it is not that complicated

you can find all the details here … itian.aspx

With a spouse permit you can stay in Mauritius without any difficulty. What is called a permanent residence permit here is only available for 10 years, and it is not the appropriate permit for you. What's better from the spouse permit ? I guess it is obtaining the Mauritian nationality. Which is obviously way more complicated ...

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hello everyone! im in my first year at university and looking for a non gorvenment organisation where i can be placed for internship, im studying in mauritius and i will be greatful if anyone recommend me. thanks in advance

If on a work permit how long would tou need to reside to apply for citizenship?

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I am planning to move to Mauritius with my partner. We are both Dutch. Does anyone know if one of us has a job can the other one stay in Mauritius legally?

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Hi Ivalilo,

As per immigration regulations, your partner will be registered as dependent only if the person is a 'common law partner'.

And if this is the case, evidence of cohabitation will have to be produced.

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Do you mean that my partner will be legally staying in Mauritius without a job if we are common law partners? If that is the case do you know if he will be able to look for a job and work in Mauritius as well?



No, your partner won't be able to work as your dependent.

He will have to apply for a work permit separately.

Do check before you come exactly what will be accepted as evidence of cohabitation. In France the Town Hall issues a certifact de concubine but the UK don't have such a thing so a notorised document needs to done. You will need the documents before you arrive.
With regards to your partner finding work, it will depend on on his skills and experience. Jobs in the ITC sector are available if that is his background but remember pay levels are much lower than in the Netherlands.
Good luck

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