Relocating your pet to Doha, Qatar

Hello All,

I have accepted a job in Qatar and intend on relocating my pet there. I need some advise and contact details of the following:

Pet friendly accommodation?
Can a dog stay on a balcony?
Do dogs survive the heat?
Where can I find dog food in Doha?
Are there places to walk my dog?
Does a work visa allow you to have a residence permit to bring your dog in via pet relocators?

All the info will help.
Many thanks

yes dogs are accepted but remember paper work must accompany it,then for the food in super markets its there but forget keeping it on balcony.but with in your perimeters of stay its fine.
you can walk with your dog but not so much in over public places,
your work pet is for you ,but what i know you will need paper work for your dog esp vaccination and its healthy status,check more information on ministry of interior

You can go to the Qatar veterinary center website. It has lots of information about relocation of pets.

My dog survives the heat, sort of. You may wish to make allowances with cooling jackets, socks, lots of water for the walks.

There is a lot of dog food, both high quality, in the vet clinics, and more commercial, in the supermarkets.

Walking depends on the areas you will be living in.

Good luck.

Hi! I am just in the process of importing a pet to Qatar and it has been quite stressing but not as difficult as you would think.

There are lots of apartment that would allow you a pet as long as it doesn't bother any of the neighbors, you would just need to find one that does.

Dogs won't be able to live in a balcony, specially during summer. You would have to keep your dog inside as temperatures get crazy hot in here.

Food is found anywhere in Doha, from pet shops and veterinary centers to supermarkets.

Dogs are usually not allowed in public places, but I have seen a lot of people doing so and nothing happening to them so I will give it a try myself!

Your new employer should be able to convert the work visa into a residence permit, but I believe it is possible to import a pet while the residence permit is processing.

You can relocate your dog with pet relocators, I don't know if you are aware but they are kind of expensive. I went to get the paperwork myself and it has been a challenge but once you know what to do it is quite simple. Make sure your dog got the proper vaccinations including rabbies and bring a copy of the dogs passport showing the vaccinations, that's pretty much all they took from me before I got the import permit. Please note that dogs should be over the age of 4months, microchipped and at least 30 days should have passed since the last rabbies shot (Maximum is one year).

Hi everyone, I'm in the process of bringing my cat to Qatar as well. Could you share some information regarding the following:

1. Did you take your pet in cabin (is it allowed?) or as excess baggage?
2. Is there a variety of good quality cat food .. Royal Canin, Blackwood, Orijen and the like? What about wet food?

Thank you!! xx

Usually pets are only allowed as special cargo. Check with the airline about the cost and procedures.
With respect to food, you can find all type. From wiskat to Iams. So that is not a problem.
Good luck.

Hi MayhemQatar,

I've checked and it seems that that pets are only allowed to travel as excess baggage or manifested cargo. However my airline seems to think that in-cabin is allowed - so that is why I am checking with anyone who has flown in -cabin.

As for food - Whiskas and Iams are considered low quality petfood - so I might bring over food especially if premium food has a higher cost over here. Thanks for your reply though.

Royal canin is available. I know that Whiskas is low quality. But I thought that Iams was considered medical grade. This is why I mentioned that all qualities are available.
Anyway if you go to the Qatar veterinary website you can see what they offer.
Good luck. Don't forget to get your cat chipped.

With respect to the food,  I met the owner of a new gromming center in the pearl and he told me that he will be bringing high quality food for dogs and cats.
I don't know what he will have,  but it will be worth looking into it.

Thanks for your reply :-) Good to know

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