TESOL certified. Can i get an English teacher job?

Hi everyone. I am new here. I am still in Manila, Philippines but I am going to Cambodia at the end of the month. I am an ESL teacher here in my home country.

I have been teaching English for more than 8 years. I am a TESOL certified. But I don't have a degree. I graduated a 3-year technical course.

I took up bachelor of arts in Communication but I wasnt able to graduate due to financial constraint.  So can you give me some advise if teaching English is concern?

Can I land a job as an English teacher if I dont have a four-year degree course?

What are my chances? I am a very passionate teacher and I love my job as a teacher.

Thank you so much.

degrees don't matter as much in cambodia....  just hit the ground and submit resumes to schools.. you can do a quick google search on them...

I know it sounds daunting to go w/out a job but many jobs are to be had by just showing up..

Certainly I have friends who teach without a degree.  The least qualified has the highest salary!!   Schools will vary on policy.

Sure enough .
You will have chances here im in.phnompenh..

Email me.


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sorry the mail address did not work

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Can you please resend contact info to my box again thanks.

Hi. @Happyteacherfromph, how are you?
Have you found a teaching job yet? I'm as well planning to try my luck in Cambodia. Hope to hear from you sis^^.

There is one international school that everyone should avoid.

The advice given is accurate. I personally know teachers from the Philippines who are very successful. If you contact me on Skype (xxx) I would be glad to share more.

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Tesol means nothing from shinola everyone can get one, you can get a job without it. Half it is the con to get you to pay money for something you do not really need...  from a teacher 6 years in Thailand and now in Cambodia...

Are you crazy  you want to work for $200 a month    you can earn more in Thailand.

You can read about teaching in Thailand on amazon,  by A Clark.

Being to Siem Reap and like Angkor Wat. Like to teach and work there if there is a need. Thanks..

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