Can anyone do job with dependent visa ?

If I Move to KL with business visa, Can my wife do job with dependent visa? Or can my sons study there?


if my spouse want to do job (with dependent visa) then what she have to do?

Hi she needs a work permit (called employment pass) and therefore need to apply for jobs as an expat employee.

You cannot work either of course. If you are being sold a business visa to work you are being lied to amd if you work you will end up in jail (and whipping now). If you run own business normally you need a work permit (applied for by own company). Capital rules and restrictions on what you can do apply.

Nemodot, your explanation is correct, correct and correct on the visa eventhough, you have exaggerated (a little) on the whipping part and probably manage to scare the daylights out of him into coming to Malaysia.

Thank u Nemodot and Troyventuress. I want to come for doing little business in KL. But my wife wants to work in any School or College (she is a teacher) in KL. 
Is it very tough or costly to have a work permit for any dependent?
thanks in advance...

Its a fact they whip people malaysia. Scary or not it happens.

To get a work permit she needs a job then the employer applies for a work permit. That is costly and 5k min but lowered for shorter contracts to 2.5k. Many schools pay 3k or less to non-western teachers especially those who easily employ staff without western teaching qualifications. Turnover is high in such schools.

Or they hide staff in cupboards in an immi raid lol. Really heard that from a teacher at an arty local uni i wont name and shame.

In such cases, always better to have MM2H, thanmere a Business Visa. The MM2H is expensive, though. Contact for MM2H.

You cannt work or do business with MM2H.

And if you think it is expensive malaysia isnt for you as its cheap!

You are wrong in both of your views. With MM2H, above 50 years participant can do job. And there is no bar for doing business. Please check up.

If your position doesn't pay enough to live comfortably you should re-think it.  Don't rely on a second income from your wife because that won't happen and you seriously dont want to breach the visa regs in Malaysia. I hope it works out for you.

Mr Manjur,

50 yr old & above allowed to work 20hrs a week which, is equivalent to a part-timer. Please go through the MM2H requirements again.

If you have a good network to find jobs in Malaysia, you can stand a good chance to get a job. Otherwise, the jobs you are referring to are given to Malaysians first because paying for work permit is expensive and the process is tedious. Not many (not all) would want to go through that process.

Some foreigners I know pay for their own visa fees and get 40% of their own salary deducted every month and salary will come up to below RM1,000.00

Haha. I don't think they whip anyone for visa infringement but many people get confused by what they can do and do end up in jail.  There are about half a million too many migrants here at the bottom end and I think there's been an effort to do something about it (token effort of course). Anecdotally I'm told they are harder on women visa defaulters than men but I've had two friends jailed including one who was actually packing up and moving home but in doing so overstayed his visa by three days!  At the other end of the food chain I miss so many expats who have left in the last couple of years. 😢

Manxmonkey its about 3.5 million immigrants at the bottom and many are illegals. Its really because of them that the government has become so harsh on legit expats. They want all foreigners out but who among the locals........well....locals dont want a restaurant or low paying job and for the good jobs they are not qualified in one way or the other. No idea how this is going to be worked out.

The other day i talked to a girl from Myanmar working in a restaurant and she has a visa but she said none of her working friends do. Will they be caught? Who knows. Though the immigration department may not work fast, you never know when its your turn, they just suddenly pop up. Then they lower the boom right on your head.

Thanks for your update......

I have another query, if any one have professional visa. can he do business in Malaysia?

Expatriate Professional Work Permits are the top most category of the visa. This Visa type is issued to top level management  i.e. "Company Directors".  Benefit : Professional Work Permit holder may apply Malaysian Permanent Residence after 3 years. The holder of this type of visa is also allowed to bring a Housemaid of any nationality. Government has established special “Executive Lounge” at Immigration Department Putra Jaya to facilitate the investors. Malaysian government helps to promote the business in Malaysia and to assist the people who want to explore their future in Malaysia.
NOTE for Foreign Investors:-  According to some surveys done by other countries, Malaysia is the 2nd Cheapest place to avail the luxury Lifestyle. If anyone, who wishes to avail the luxury life style in Malaysia, the easiest way is to set up a local Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) Company.

Work Permits for Company Directors
For Employment in private and public sectors, the applications for "Post Approval" are decided by the EXPATRIATE COMMITTEE (EC). You may apply the company director visa (Employment Pas/work permit), once your company is incorporated with minimum RM 500,000 paid up capital. The procedure to apply Director's Visa is a very simple. After acquiring a tenancy agreement, you have to get a license from local council (PBT). If all documents are properly filed, this license can be obtained within 3-4 working days. After obtaining the license, you may go directly to Immigration Department to submit the "DP10 Application" (Post Approval). The status of your DP10 Application can be accessed online at immigration department's official website. The official client charter of EXPATRIATE COMMITTEE (EC) decision on DP10 Application is 7 days only. After the DP10 approval, your work permit sticker can be pasted on your passport's page within 3 days.

For the Employment in all other sectors, prior approval of post is required from concerned authorized body.  Conditions on application through the Expatriate Committee (EC)
The company on which you may apply work permits must have the minimum share Paid-up capital as  follows:-
100% local owned
RM 250,000
Local and foreign owned 
RM 350,000
100% foreign owned
RM 500,000
Expatriate applicant must have university degree or more than 5 years relevant experience.
Company activity must be one which is encouraged and promoted in Malaysia and benefit the people of Malaysia
The minimum salary must be RM5000 a month and above.
Definition of Job Positions qualifying for Expatriate Professional work permits:-
Key Post
These are high level (1st level) managerial posts in foreign-owned private companies and firms operating in Malaysia . Key posts are posts essential for companies to safeguard their interests and investments. The expatriates are responsible in determining the company’s policies in achieving its goals and objectives.
Example : Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, General Manager, Technical Director, Production Manager, Project Manager Or Factory Manager

Executive Posts
These are intermediate level (2nd level) managerial and professional posts. The posts require academic qualifications, practical experience, skills and expertise related to the respective jobs. The expatriates are responsible for implementing the company’s policies and supervision of staff. 
Example : Management Functions Such As Marketing Manager, Logistics Manager, Investment Manager And Quality Control Manager, Professional Such As Chief Engineer, Engineer Manager , Lecturer, Doctor, Architect etc. 

Non-Executive Posts
These are posts for the performance of technical jobs that require specific technical or practical skills.
Example : Food/Nutrient Technologist, Fashion Designer , Welder, Mould Maker, Tool & Die Maker, Manufacturing Systems Designer , Specialist In Furniture Design & Ergonomics, Heat Setting Technician, Sewing Specialist, Craftsman/Engraving And Product/Flavouring Specialist
The chances of a successful application will be assessed on the criteria as follows:
Company activity
Availability of local workforce
The appropriateness of the scope of the job in relation to the company’s activity
Minimum monthly salary to identify whether the application is an expatriate or a foreign worker
Age and working experience of expatriate, i.e the applicant is of an age suitable for the post and has the working experience

General info for you Mr Shuvra


Following up on the the query, I hold a work permit and my wife holds a dependent pass. My wife has recently got a job offer. The company HR is saying that to process the Employment pass, my wife has to leave Malaysia and stay back in our home country for 15 days with the stage 1 letter and then come back into Malaysia. Does anybody have any experience with a similar situation ? Can you confirm the actual process ?


No.its not possible

Your wife can stay in Malaysia while the company is processing her work visa however there is an additional charge of 500 for journey perform visa.I dont think her company wants to undertake this additional charge hence asking her to go back to your home country. Once the application is approved she will receive a vdr letter and obtain single entry to malaysia.  Than she would need to endorse her passport in malaysia.Its a simple process if you have all the documents complete

Thanks Shehajaz  :)

thank you very much for your informative reply...:)

Hi Im Nurul, my husband has work permit (professional) in Malaysia.. and Its been 7 months since we give the required document to my husband's company for applying dependent visa.. but the process takes so long due to require approval from his headquarter in India..

is it possible to apply dependent visa with own cost.. and how to do it.

Yes. It happened to me as well, but it won't take that long for 15 days. I only came back and stayed in jakarta for 3 days.

Nurul86 - what a disgraceful treatment of your family by the employer. Yes, many companies ask their employees to get the DP themselves (which is pretty cheap-minded because it costs only about RM75 inc. GST to process one via ESD online - and most families would be happy to reimburse that). So I suspect there may be an agent involved or hopefully your hubby is not on the Category III Professional Visa (i.e. dependents are not allowed).

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