Thinking of moving to a village on the south of France, are we crazy?

My family consists of hubby, 21 month old daughter and german shepherd dog, we are thinking of getting out of the rat race and moving to the south of France,

I have been to France in the winter only (skiing) few times, my husband (originally from UK) speaks a little french (having been there a lot)  but i speak very very little (I am of course willing to learn)...are we mad to consider leaving great careers?

is this too romantic an idea? has anyone else done this and have they any regrets? we are considering living in a village in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, as my hubby knows the area well (i've never been)...the weather certainly appeals...what is the quality of life there like?

spending more time as a family really appeals, what is it like to raise children there? what about work/income opportunities? so many questions and really interested to hear your stories...

we are planning to take vacation in the area in June to get a feel...all suggestions very much appreciated :-)

Looks cool, indeed to move in the Languedoc Roussilllon in a nice little village far from the turmoil of the society.
You don't really need to work, do you? Unless one of you guys have a computer job.. or is a broker in something or get some inheritance from somewhere.. see what I mean... Do you read the news? Unless you get yourselves acquainted to an other bunch of expacts, while you do your business... if you don't speak french, you don't have money, no project beside having more sun year long, eat cheese and drink wine... how do wanna make this south of France  fantasy a success?

If you are mad, we are even madder! We delayed moving from Ireland until it was almost too late! I am 80 next birthday and my wife is almost as old! We moved to Calvisson near Nimes in November last. We have absolutely no regrets except perhaps that we have forgotten all the French that we learnt at school!!

Thank you for posting, you have made me feel better...I am 65 and felt, even though my friends kept telling me to go that I had left it too late to move and now with all the EU problems as well...but both my husband and I are determined to move.  May I ask have you found the French friendly, we speak enough French to go shopping and get by but will continue with French lessons.  Best wishes to you both...

If you don't speak French, you'll never find a job. And no job, no accomodation. Indeed, you must earn three times the rent and also others guarantee. If you intend to sell your house, it will be easier, if you buy in direct.

You won't have no allowances, except if you make a registration at Pôle-Emploi. You could have a jobseeker allowance for three months, but, I repeat, if you don't speak French, you won't find any job.
Moreover, the Languedoc-Roussillon region is in TOP 3 where the unemployment rate is higher... About 20%... And if you search another region, know with 10% of jobseekers in France and without speak the language, it's impossible to get a job...

We have found that the French very friendly and courteous, except when they are behind the steering wheel of a car! If you have a little French you will have a headstart on us, my wife does not speak a word and I have forgotten 90% of the little that I learned in school. We both intend to take lessons but since we have been here we have been extremely busy unpacking and  getting our House and Garden sorted out!

Thank you...happy gardening, hope the weathers good........

A beautiful part of France in deed... I would second that if you don't have a source of income already established, finding work without language skills will be extremely difficult (think nearly impossible).  Not sure what "rat race" you and hubby have been in prior but visiting the region isn't the same as living in the south.

Just as a follow-up note - my family is throughout the south of France... my visits are long and I always threaten I will move in with them. When I have worked, I only reposition myself to France, so no long term relocation and my income is always outside the EU.

For Bengra..
I'd suggest to you that, instead of jumping in the deep end wearing a pair of lead-soled divers boots, you rent a small house or flat down there in the village of your choice for a few months - during the off season and see how you get on.. before doing that belly flop from the top board!
France can be a very seductive country when viewed from afar.. but without the language and an income stream, your dreams could quickly turn sour.
Nothing wrong with being romantic about it - I'm all for that - but do be realistic about how you will earn your living (if you need to), health care, schooling (eventually) and communicating with your potential neighbours. I've found that fewer people than you might think speak English (or admit to it). The mindset is - if you want to move here and be accepted, speak the language.
Best of luck with your dreams..!

Languedoc Roussillon s horrid in the summer

Pip had the best reply.
Learn a few words of "politesse" before you arrive, come for a long vacation.  Don't commit to anything, just yet.  I'd also advise coming during a time of the year when the weather stinks - just so you know what you're getting into.

The smaller the town or village, the less chance that people will be friendly to you - though they will always be polite.  It will be very difficult to make friends.

But if you end up in an enclave of fellow British citizens, as many have done, it won't really be like living in France, will it?

LydiaMarie1 makes a good point about Brit enclaves.. but as I see you're Irish, Bengra, that mightn't be a factor for you.
How your holiday in June go? If you went home babbling dreamily about living in the  Languedoc-Roussillon region, then book a holiday there in January and see how life is there off-season. As for making friends, your daughter should open a few doors for you..
Good luck.. hope it works out for you.
PS Don't skimp on the planning!

Posts seem  to have stopped several Months ago. Hope your plans are progressing well. We retired to a remote hamlet in the Tarn in 2012 and we love it. It is peaceful. The locals are friendly. We have been accepted (with the help of my wife's baking for communal events!). We had moved quite a bit in Ireland & England during our working lives so adjusting was probably easier. Is French life for you? Only you can tell. Visit your selected location regularly and do your research, especially if you need to work. Talk to those who have done it as they will know the plus & minus. Few of my extended family like our remoteness - but we love it. Good luck.

Have a look and see what we have done.
Moved from London 9n years ago.
Would not move back.

Clos des saveurs olivers travels.

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