Ultimate Frisbee in Koh Samui

Hi All,
    My family and I are moving to Samui next month (April 2016) just after Songkron. We are incredibly excited to be living in Koh Samui. The island has everything we could want...with one exception. I am a long time ultimate frisbee player, and although Samui has disc gold, there does not appear to be an ultimate game as of yet. Are there any other expats on the island interested in starting a pickup game with me.  Please contact me if you are interested in playing. also looking for possible field location (although we could also play on the beach). xxx



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Hi Aaron,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the Koh Samui classifieds  > Sport partners category. It will surely benefit from more exposure on the website.

All the very best,

   When you attempt to go to the sports partners category it gives you an error message saying it does not exist. Considering the already limited traffic on this forum, I believe trying to develop sub forums is a bit pre-mature.

I am moving to Koh Samui and am a keen ultimate frisbee player myself. Would be great to play some games there. I didnt actually think about it but now I can pack some of my ultimate discs if you need more?

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