Immigration Visa to US for Filipina spouse

Anyone had any adventures involving this subject? Want to petition US for Immagrant visa for my spouse. What I have read is I can petition for my spouse while I am here in the Phils, or do likewise when I am back in the US for a few months (my wife remaining here in the Phils for the interim; she has never been to the US). Apparently a rather lengthy process either way. I have been researching and have a some familiarity with forms and documents needed and so forth.
Any experiences, suggestions or thoughts on this subject much appreciated.

If you stay 6 months or more you can apply direct in u.s embassy in manila, its called dcf ,  its a quick process

Thanks. I wasn't sure what advantages. Fact is I do have the SSRV visa here, so that should qualify me. My only concern doing it here is if I miss out some important doc in the US that I need for the embassy process in Manila. Thx again!

Check u.s embassy site, you can get the info you need, and if you have facebook join in k-1 visa journey, they have some filipina process dcf, and they will help you a lot  there,

Joined. Thanks!

There is also another group on FB that has some good insights on it: Asawa World. You need additional proof you and your wife have lived together at least 6 months in the Philippines like a joint lease or utility bill and your (or both if you traveled together) airline ticket stub(s). Any events you went to together and have ticket stubs may help too. - Steve

Thanks for those suggestions. Should not be a problem as we have been together three  years and married almost one year now. So you gave me my next chore; to start gathering those ticket stubs, wedding pix, photos etc. Plus she will soon be receiving her ITIN as that request went in with my latest tax return. Thanks again

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