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Looking to open a Recovery Home in Santo Domingo. Are there any special licenses required?

Welcome to the forums.  Yes of course you need both licenses and authorizations.  It will depend where you operate (city)  and  what you specifically will offer in terms of services.  It will not be a simple answer.

@planner, Thanks for replying! I looking to open a Recovery Home in the city of Santo Domingo, near the Plastic Surgery Clinics up to 20min away (I really dont know the locations names). I'm supplying the basics, beds, food, toiletries for wound care and transportation. I will need home care aids to assist the patients with bathing and getting in and out of bed.

Sounds like that is likely to be Distrito Nacional. We don't really have home care aids so you need to find out what is available and I assume you will want English speakers!

Will there be any physician's supervrsion?

@planner, No there will not be a Physician on site. Thae Transportation provided will take the patients to the follow-up appts, emergencies and to and from the airport.

I would like to employ people that understand English or at least 1 main that can communicate with the others.

This is a regular home for people recovering from plastic surgery only, moat stay 2-3 on a room at a time. Patients are still under the Physicians care while for at least 10 days. Most patients are not cleared to leave the country any earlier.

No medication will be administered by the staff. Patients get/bring there meds from there doctors at home or in the DR. Most patients are not cleared to leave the country any earlier. Most plastic surgeons offer the recovery homes as a package deal.

Will patients do their own dressing changes or will anyone else do it? 

Will food be included? Chef or cook on site?   

Wow never expected anyone paying to travel for plastic surgery would want to share a room during recovery.  That is an eye opener.

You need some specific answers to questions that are not easy to find without putting in time!   How many times have you been to this country?

@planner, The staff may assist in the dressing changes, but those are normally done at the there follow up appts (per my Doctor).

Yes, there will be a cook to prepare the 3 meals/snacks for the recovering patients.

Yes, sharing a room is pretty common. But they can opt for single accommodations which will change the price.

I've never been to the DR, but I too have will surgery in June. Unfortunately I will not be staying at a Recovery Home due to my fiancé coming. I've done some research and joined several groups via Facebook and this is the norm. Its a huge demand for it. Especially a good one  (food, employees and accommodations). So many Recovery Homes have been 86 via the groups due to bad care/service/theft. Many seasoned plastic surgery patients via the Facebook groups advice the newbies where to stay... Many follow suit without doing the research, this happens with surgeons too. :-(

Yes, I need a lot of answers (what's legal/or not, licensing abd etc)... Still researching my options, I can get a better feel of things after my visit in June. Looking to start up/open by the end of the year or 1st of 2017. I'm looking to put a quality service out there...

Excellent.  This helps understand the licensing and legal needs. In fact its more like a small hotel with some extra services.

And more then one person to a room determines room sizing needs.

I am also looking into opening a recovery house. I was raised and live in NY, but I was born in Santo Domingo. My entire maternal side of my family lives in the Capital. I have traveled to DR many times and spent most of my summers there growing up. I am a naturalized citizen of the USA, but I have a cedula because Dominican constitution states that I never lose my Dominican Nationality. My family and I also own property in Santo Domingo, so I can potentially use one of my own properties for the recovery house. I plan on still residing in NYC, but I will travel there frequently. I plan on hiring 2 nurses, an assistant, a maid who will cook and clean, and a chauffeur to drive the girls to and from appointments. What do I need to do to start this business? Can I avoid  paying exorbitant taxes?

Well step one is to have a full out plan for doing business!   You need to set up a corporation,  register,  get your licenses in place,  set up your HR for  hiring and managing staff and register them,  you need significant insurance coverage as well.

You will need relationships with various doctors and clinics.  You will need to set up your marketing plans etc.

As to the homes your family has -  make sure they are right.  You need to be in proximity to the clinics your clients will use - meaning not more then 30 minutes.  The homes will need  enough bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms!   All will need to be air conditioned.... I can go on and on!

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