Thanks for all the fish

It's not my site so I'm gone because of your no links policy. For some sites such a policy makes sense but if the purpose of this site is to help expats, I can't see how. I have lots of information articles from two sites I shut down that are for expats and people considering expatriation but many of the articles are full of links. After all, that is what sharing over the Internet is about.

For example, an article on shipping options will have links to the companies providing the services. An article about how to get residency will have links to the immigration site, government contact sites to get your documents authenticated and maybe even a person or three that can help with the process.

I have run closed sites and while it might seem easier to monitize them, they don't serve the community. My newest site (which has some expat information and will have a lot more) is more generic about finding answers. It has no advertising, allows links and even has a specific section where you can add links to various sources such as news and health. Most of the posts have links to sources rather that duplicate what is already available. That's how the World Wide Web is supposed to work.

So, bottom line, my efforts will go to open sites.

I agree Nicafyl what is your site? Oops you are not allowed to say on here are you...

You mean they're giving you grief because of your earlier post that mentioned your atitlanlife blog? (and one or two other sites that aren't really even in existance yet)

You weren't advertising you simply just mentioned that you also spend time some of your time over there.

(I mean I've seen links here from someone pushing their horrendous housing development that they were trying to shove on people here.)

I have been to your blog reading your entries about the local life, and have been enjoying it, but it IN NO WAY is it supposed to be a competitor for what this site is "supposed" to be.
That changes my perspective on this site completely.

Most of us people who are expats or who are thinking about becoming one use a variety of online sites in order to do our research and I am like you in that I don't want to bother with a site that simply will not allow the mention of another site that may be of use to expats.
This is not what the Internet is for and is something that I cannot respect.

I'll spend my time elsewhere.

Thanks for the info and I hope to run into you in Pana.

I agree 100%

It is pretty absurd but it inspires me to get a lot of the material I have up on On a totally practical level their site is full of ads for things at Gringo prices (e.g., health insurance). What we need in information on "the local way", not the gringo way.

I agree. I have been here so long that the gringo way meand nothing. We need to tell everyone how to live like locals.

Thanks nicafyl.
I've already gone through most of your entries at atitlanliife and I really enjoyed your personal perspective.  (I love the one about you walking the Samoyed after being cooped up for five days.  (I'm going to look more into that breed).

I appreciate the decodit reference here.
(I originally came here to get info and you've been a good source).

I've seen your picture and I'm pretty sure I'll recognize you if I see you walking around in Pana.  (Once I get down there).

I'll stop and say hello.

Best wishes.

External links are commonly allowed as they are of help to expats.
The rules are very much flexible.

Links that push another site are rude, ones that push your personal blog (A site you seem to be admin for) could be seen as more than a little naughty, but ones that push selling holidays run by a church in the US are really very naughty indeed.

Many posters add links to their contributions with no problems at all because they're being helpful to everyone, but posters who push being helpful to themselves tend to get links removed.

Perhaps the fish you refer to aren't a reference to a line about a dolphin, more the fish you net from this site in order to get a few people onto your sites.
A cynical man might well suggest you make cash from advertising so it's in your interest to get as many views as possible, but I wouldn't because I'm not a cynic.

"Perhaps the fish you refer to aren't a reference to a line about a dolphin, more the fish you net from this site in order to get a few people onto your sites.".


I don't even no how to begin to respond to such a statement .

To turn a simple reference to a famous Douglas Adams line into some imagined meaning of "fishing for people" for their site displays a profound misjudgement of the situation and in my opinion unwarranted paranoia.

If you want this to grow at all I suggest that an overly oppressive enforcement of strict paranoid rules applied by corporate automatons is likely not the best policy.

But hey, it's your site so do what you want.

Thankfully it's a big Web out there for us expats who prefer to be able to interact freely amongst ourselves.

Best of luck.

Adams used his imagination and wild stretches of it.
You clearly aren't Adams.

Please explain why links to a church selling holidays is in any way good for this site. They can advertise free of charge in classifieds so have no need to try to pull the wool over posters' eyes by pretending to be helpful.
It's just one more spam advert, but hidden as something it isn't.

Then try why it's in any way good manners to attempt to advertise another competing site. It's always considered bad manners to do so, on any site.

Blogs are commonly linked to, but the OP's track record of duff links is pretty poor, so it would hardly be a shock if his links are viewed with suspicion.

Well, I guess there is a misunderstanding somewhere ...

@nicafyl, your post was only under review as it's been reported by a couple of members. An admin then reviews the reported posts, and decides whether the posts are ok or not. I just reviewed your posts this morning and they sound ok to me.

It's not my site so I'm gone because of your no links policy

Who mentioned a "no links policy" ? Sorry but you're completely wrong on that point.

Just to let you know, I am the very first guy who decided to gather expats blogs on one single platform,, which recently became All links to expats blogs are dofollow links, such as all links on the forums, and we are very happy to promote Expat.coms. Looks like your blog is registered here …
and I am very happy about it ;)

Now, regarding your B&B, which you promoted on the forum, that's something else. We've not very happy when a member advertises its own business on the forum (and that is why your post was under review). As I made the decision to help local businesses or members businesses,  we've launched the business directory … guatemala/ , and you can register your business there for free.

That's it guys, there is no secret nor no links policy. If we had one, why would this post then contain a link ? … 81#3154474

Sorry that was just a misunderstanding. And sorry if I couldn't intervene before, I had personal things to do this week end.

This said, I hope you are all fine, and I wish you a great day !

Thanks for participating to the project


Yes, let me support Julien on this matter. I've been a member for a couple of years here, and have often linked to something pertinent on my personal website - because it's a simple blog full of personal opinions and stories and not selling anything. To prove my point, here's the link, which I'm 100% confident will be allowed!

I have no clue how many links I've posted, but it's a lot.
None were spam or porn sites.

Gordon Barlow :

To prove my point, here's the link, which I'm 100% confident will be allowed!

Nice blog ☺

Perhaps members need to read and understand the forum code of conduct.

Agree 100% with Julien.

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