Need Some Information , Will Work in one of Maldives Resort

Hi everyone!

I'm Tania and I come from Indonesia

I just wondering because I was interested to work in Maldives so I apply for one and now still waiting for interview and final decision.

My question is :

1. How many hours you need to work everyday? Do you get overtime fee if you're working more than working hours?

2. Usually, what's will the resorts cover for us? I mean the accommodation and health insurance is a must but do you guys know another else??

3. Seems like it's funny question but if you're working in one resort, how do you get some personal daily needs like shampoo, make up, tampons/pads , and the other small but I'll so confuse if it's hard to get :(
If I should get all in Male, then I'll need to buy a lot in a time so I don't need to go to Male so many times...

4. Is USD 600 is good salary for GSA/Reception?? I mean I'll also expecting the service, do you guys know how much usually the service given in some resorts?

I know it's a looooot of question but I dunno who to ask since I'm single fighter that I couldn't ask anybody near me about this kind of question :((

Thanks guys!!!



Hello Tania,
Working hours in Maldives is 8h/day,one day off,if you work on Friday it is time and a half,same as working on a public holiday days,it is always paid as an over time work.
Service charge depends on the category of the resort where you will be working an average will be in high end 5 stars resort is 500$/month.
Most resort do have a staff shop where you can get most needed daily things including lady's periodical staff...even junk food.$ 600 salary for that position sound a bit little, but then again depends on what resort you are talking about.
hope this will answer you questions.

Chef Habib

Hi Habib!

Thanks for your information! Really appreciate that! :))
Yes basically I think the basic salary is not as much as I hope but I could hope the guest to be always more than 70% to get better service charge :))

Thanks a lot!!


Do y know whatever resort you Will ne joinibg?

Can anyone help me in getting a job in maldives


Google is your friend.

It should be Amilla Fushi in Baa Atoll, or they said something about their new resort but I forgot the name #Lol


Check this , hope it help

But pls I want to ask, how possible is it for one to get a work permit and secure a job as well if he migrates with a tourist visa? Pls I really need an urgent response. Thanks so much in advance

what is service charges ?


Getting good jobs from maldives and yez they provide insurance and 800 dollars you can get salary with free food and accomodation

If anything you can mail me at***

As im also moving to maldives soon

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when will you go to maldives.
how can i get job with good benefits .

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