Best mobile phone plan in Berlin


I'm moving to Berlin next month from the UK. Can anyone recommend a decent mobile phone plan?

Currently I pay £20 a month (here in the uk) for unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 3GB of 4G data.

Anything similar in Berlin?

Will I need a bank account before I can get a phone plan?

All advice appreciated!



There are literally hundreds of mobile phone providers in Germany, and all have similar but slightly different plans, with changes done and special deal offered every week. Check online comparison portals like to find one that fits your needs. You might want to choose a pre-paid card and add an allnet flat with sufficient data volume. But do check if you can terminate it monthly (some are fixed for up to two years and renew itself for another two automatically!) and make sure you read and understand all the fineprint.

You can get a good offer from this company. They are very good and you dont have to sign a 24 months contract. They offer a month to month contract, which means you can cancel you contract at anytime.
You can get a package with call all German networks for free and all internet for free.

I can strongly recommend Simyo. I'll post a link below. I recently switched to them after having my contract with T-Mobile for over 15 years. I now get double the time and data transfer for just over a third of the cost! They are super flexible in offering different plans to best fit your usage and budget. They also have plans with no contract and no minimum monthly payment. In addition to the big names, there are a lot of "cheap" providers that advertise regularly on German TV. I think Simyo is about the cheapest because they don't spend on advertising. Thus most people in Germany have never heard of them but I've yet to have any problems with them - not something I can say about T-Mobil!!! What they do have is a very well designed website where one can get information and order what you want. I virtually never recommend products but you should check out their site!

I switched over a year ago from T-Mobile to Simyo and have no regrets. Everything works fine. In the mean time Simyo was acquired by another provider and is now called Blau. The conditions of my contract are unchanged and I doubt there are a lot of differences with new contract options. It is at least worth looking into. I pay about 35% of what I would have continued to pay at T-Mobile and get double the minutes and data transfer.

Cheap is relative.

Since prices changes constantly, knowing your own behaviour beforehand is more useful than the skimpiest pricing if you are something else than a student surviving on bread, water and the absolute minimum service affordable.

You like watching youtube videos?
Or do your automatic topup fail sometimes because of insufficient funds, due to irregular jobs?
You go on holiday sometimes outside your home town /Germany?
Your mother only communicates via SMS and not whatsapp?
You listen a lot to streamed music?
You prefer that friends, family, colleagues call you on a number+ email you had since 15 years?

You like to have a mobile phone that was designed after Apple rocked the market?
You prefer not to be throttled on a data plan exactly at the moment when you are navigating a busy city at rush hour?
You like to end a contract when you choose?

If any of these questions are yes, then going for the absolute minimum is probably gonna give your ticker (heart) a shorter lifetime, even if your logical mind reminds you that you are scraping rockbottom prices between the tar and the white stripe. The initial suggestion from Beppi on teltarif is good - in general and because some new campaigns will have other pricings 2 months from now , when a reader reads this thread + that might even be cheaper and not lock them into a year contract.

But,  of course, there are people that don't have any choice- and they can't be choosers, at that - or any specific part of their life. So there is a market for the cheapest momentary price, also.

Take for example Blau - it's owned by Telefonica, who bought Eplus, which was originally KPN. Since blau is on exactly the same network as fonic, tchibo, o2, aldi talk, simyo, base, it should ring bell on which part of the meat you are getting from that deal.

*** Blau, like Simyo before it was a third of the price of T-Mobil for twice the minutes and data transfer. It also has all kinds of offers to fit one's needs including deals without contracts. T-Mobile  automatically renews your contract for another year unless you have repeatedly cancelled your contract at least 3 months in advance. Possibly some networks have better reception in rural locations but otherwise what should be the problem? Thus going with the cheaper provider is NOT going to mean worse service or conditions. On the contrary, the big providers are used to getting away with misusing their customers and customers service is a joke. Just go to the Verbraucherzentrale (users center) and ask how often they get complaints about T-Mobil and the the other big providers.

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