Dietitian jobs in Mauritius?


My husband has a possible job opportunity in Mauritius, so we are doing a bit of research. I am a Dietitian, is this a career I would be able to practice in Mauritius? Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated :)


To my opinion, if you want to do it, you will find your way. I know there are people caring for their health anf they are willing to pay to know more about diet.
Their are many gyms in Mauritius where you can propose your services. If you already know people here, ask them for advice.


I'm more or less on the same page as Pascal2vo. There's also a growing problem with diet-related health conditions - obesity, diabetes, hypertension - amongst all segments and ages of the population which hold huge implications for the future. The government is clearly conscious of the problem but changing attitudes can be a slow process. No doubt health professionals are also witnessing the impact of dietary trends on their patient.

Whilst I arrived in Mauritius in November last year (with my Mauritian wife) it's only the past month I've been investing in establishing a private psychotherapy/counselling practice on the island. A big part of this has been networking with local GPs, psychiatrists and other health professionals, as well as with the country's society of psychologists. I don't think there are any short cuts to putting in this leg work and getting your name around. A couple of weeks ago I had my first clients so the efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Having a business card - which was produced locally - has been indispensable in the process of marketing my professional credentials.

There are opportunities to work here however you will need to meet the minimum requirements of the health professional council to be eligible once the council is up and going. Where did you complete your studies? I'm a dietitian too, so feel free to ask any questions. Hope it helps :)

Hi Nutriwise,

Thanks so much for the input, its great to hear from someone in the industry.

I studied at Stellenbosch in South Africa. Do you know who I could contact to find out if I qualify to work there? Also, do you know any recruiters who work in that field?

Thanks again for your answer and help!

Hi there!

I’m a student studying Nutrition and Dietetics in South Africa and am looking into moving across to Mauritius once I have completed my studies.

What is the process of becoming recognized as a credited Dietition in Mauritius? Any advice or link to the website that explains all of this would be greatly appreciated.


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