Does anyone here have any Information about Umboi Island?

Hello everyone! New here :) I'm a norwegian aspiring writer and I've settled upon Umboi Island for the location for my novel. The most basic concept for the novel is that it is set in the early 2030, where a rich corporation has built a gigantic holiday resort on the island. However I have found it extremely hard to find some, if any, information about it's inhabitants, infrastructure, culture (I have understood that PNG has countless traditions and cultures within its borders).

Currently all information I can find about the island itself (apart from what wikipedia and google maps gives) comes from these Creationists Ropen hunters, and even they seem to have a very limitied view of the island on their blogs (I could of course email them, but I thought to try my luck here first as they seemed more interested in finding the ropen than documenting their trips)

If anyone here knows anything and be kind enough, these are the things I primarily would like to know:
1. Do most of them speak english or is Tok Pisin more dominant (if at all)?
2. I've read somewhere that the estimated population is around 15.000, is this true?
3. Is the island frequented by tourism and how is the overal opinion of this matter by the locals?
4. How is the infrastructure on the island? I've seen on google maps that they have at least one airfield, but how is it with cars, roads, electricity and communication (cellphone and satelite phone)?
5. how diverse is the different cultures on the island itself?
6. According to the ropen hunters, the locals have strick property laws, prohibiting people from wandering wherever in the bush and use "man traps", how accurate is this and should I take it as an indication of "violent behaviour in defence"?
7. I've seen on google maps, two villages at the coastline (at the only part with high enough resolution to see them), are most villages at the coast or 50/50 coast-inland?
8. How is their will/opinion on modernisation? Or are they more inclinded to continue a more traditional life?
9. On google maps there seem to be vast areas og lighter green (especially one place in the south), is this an indication of open grass fields/low bushlands?
10. Is there any signifigant import and export of wares?

I hope that I am not "abusing" this forum in any way by asking here, but it seemed like a place to start after having a quick look at replies to other topics. If anything I'd hope that any of you could at least point me in the direction of a more reliable source of information :)

Thank you for taking your time reading this, any information at all is appreciated.

- Windmiller

Tok pisin is the lingua franca and english is spoken but only basic.
Do not know population numbers.
No tourism as such.
Limited infrastructure.
The island has it own unique culture.
All laws are strictly adhered to.
No information on villages.
No modernization. Very basic.
No export of wares.

You will find it very difficult to get a visa to enable you to live there.If you upset someone on the island you run a very high risk of being injured or killed.

I suggest that you look to somewhere else like Trobriand Islands or any of the other islands.

I have lived and worked in PNG and have worked on Lihir Island so have some insight.

Try a Google search.

Thanks a lot Stumpy! I really appreciate that you took your time to answer my questions :)
You have given me much needed insight of the island for which I can try and represent the inhabitants in the most accurate light as I possibly can.
Again, thank you very much :)

Hi Windmiller,

Im from Umboi Island. I like the idea of your story on Umboi Island.

I would like to help you. Email your queries to me on *** and I would be glad to help.

Thats if you are still interested.


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Hi Jay Antex!

Sorry for the late reply, but if you're still interested I would love to have your help!

If you don't feel like discussing this here in this thread, perhaps we could discuss in the private messages?


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