Finally in KL. Looking for Pakistanis to hangout

Hi so finally Im in KL but my area (Menjalara, Kepong) is bit off. Im looking for Pakistanis to hangout in the main KL. Anyone here?

Try to go masjed India at Semua Plaza theres a lot  of Pakistani doing business around that area.

Thanks a lot. I am searching for this area.
Also is there any place here we can watch live cricket match in a bar or cafe or hypermart?

I am from Pakistan..working as a Language Consultant here.

I Omar in which area you are living. Please inbox me.


i will be landing on coming October, and will be staying in a hotel for month, i have to look for a job, i have almost 17 years of working experience in Pakistan and UAE, in different industries being multi-tasker,

what are my chances to get a job there?

where should i look for a job in which city an honest opinion will be appreciated,


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