Looking for an accomodation in Reykjavík - any other websites?

Hey there,
I'm a 25-year-old student from Germany and I'm coming to Reykjavík from August to October for an intership. So I'm looking for an affordable room in a shared flat. I already posted an ad in classified, but maybe someone could recomend other easy ways to look for a room? In Germany we have some websites especially for finding room- and flatmates, is there something similar for Iceland?
Best regards

the most common sites for finding housing and flatmates are: (free) (costs 4200 kr to access for a month and seems to require a kennitala to register) (free)
facebook groups (free)

I've used leigulistinn and leiga to find apartments myself. All of these except the fb groups will definitely require learning some Icelandic housing words. You're looking for "herbergi" or a room. Here's an example of the only one currently listed on leiga:

Thank you! I will try these :)

Hi everybody, im searching for a house, room, small apartment, anything in Reykjavik and around Reykjavik for me and my wife. We are from Bosnia and Herzegovina and we need a place to live with housing certificate for work and residance permit.We dont drink, smoke and we are really calm and quiet. Anybody who is renting and can fill out the housing certificate please contact me.We are willing to pay up to 80.000 ISK.Thank You

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