Any Indian entrepreneurs / starters who like help

I am a retired fast food entrepreneur, 68 years, from the Netherlands with more than 36 years knowledge and experience in the western fast food sector
I am planning to work and live in India for a long time. I have already experience of living in Asia.
What I like to do is helping entrepreneurs / starters who like to start their own business [western fast food] and need help to establish a very competitieve concept that can an real big Indian chain.
Physical help is possible for how long as you like.
See my profile for more info

Dear Mr Michael. Otto ,
   Greetings. Pl call this mobile phone to discuss food chain
K Selvarajan

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Hi, I'm Joseph who is running a homestay in Bangalore in the name of Carmel Homestay . Basically I'm also in the similar field with almost 35 years experiences. my children are also in the similar line. If you are coming to Bangalore by any chance please contact me on ***. We may can workout for something together.

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Dear Selvarajan,
Thank you for your mail. At this moment, discussing by phone is a little bit too expensive because I’m still in my country. Therefore, I propose that we discussing first by email [always will you have answer within 12 hours] and later we can do video calls by Skype.

I have created various concepts for the Indian market; all are ready for implementation and their set up.
The concepts are very competitive and have serious possibility to be a big Indian fast food chain. 
Only we need to do the legal work, finding location and do the set up.

I think it is a good idea that you give me your ideas, possibilities, questions, etc. We can share and maybe coming to some good results.
After reading, I can answer with my opinions, ideas, etc.

My only problem is that I have not any experience with legal work for restaurants in India so in that I have made the decision to look for an Indian entrepreneur and help with set up a good business in western fast food.
Many in India have started a western fast food business but were closing down in one or two years because of lack of knowledge and experience.
I have 36 years experience, over 400 recipes, etc.

I look forward for discussing with you and if you like to call, always possible on


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HI MICHAEL,  I am also 68yrs and now retired in India, where I was born and brought up. After that, I spent 28yrs. in the Canadian shipping industry as a crew member sailing primarily on THE GREAT LAKES. I have a long association with the Dutch, and the fact that they have great business sense.
In fact Holland has been one of my favourite holiday destinations  in Europe.
                 I would like to start a business , perhaps we can discuss and take it from there.
                 Best wishes. Dilbahar


Call me at ***



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There are so many Western food chain restaurants in India that people here have gotten used to eating western as a part of their daily diet. New recipes need to be introduced with a fusion of east and west along with the western food to create a tsunami of flavors like never before eg Baked cheese biryani, Aspic korma, kebabs cordon bleu,  Sheekh kebab burgers,  ratatouille pizza, Aloo dum poshto ravioli, Cotton candy with Rasogulla to name a few !

If you are interested please msg me and I will get you in touch with someone who is interested in this . Thank you !

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