Pregnancy and giving birth in Yangon

Hi, my name is Dave and I will be moving to Yangon from Brisbane Australia in May this year.
My wife and I are really looking forward to the move and can't wait to make new friends.
My wife is 9 weeks pregnant and I am having trouble getting a clear picture on what kind of medical facilities are available. We have private medical cover through work.

The main questions is, can my wife come with me to Yangon after her first trimester and give birth in Myanmar or does she need to stay in Australia until the child is born?

Keen for any info/opinions.

Thanks and regards, Dave

it looks like no one can help me with my question.
Does anyone know where I can go for further information?

Thanks, Dave

Try the Oz embassy for information.

A google search found plenty of hospitals and clinics for expats.

Victoria hospital and Asia Royal hospital are 2 modern hospitals set up in the last few years.

email them;  info[at]  asiaroyal[at]

Hi Stumpy,

Thanks for the reply.

I will look into and email those 2 hospitals.

I appreciate your help!


Has anyone in this forum given birth at the Victorian Hospital or Asia Royal Hospital ?
Would be great if anyone can share their experiences about being pregnant in Myanmar and given birth .

Thank you

Hi David, Myanmar is still a long way behind other countries for medical care. I've been to the Victoria Hospital that I saw mentioned and I wouldn't recommend it, anything serious and you're evacuated out to Bangkok anyway. Expat friends of mine either have either gone back to their home of origin or gave birth in Bangkok though that of course means playing the waiting game there.  There is one hospital that a friend looked at here and thought it was to an International standard and that was Pan Hlaing hospital, they do births but not many. I'll be catching up with that friend later this week and let you know how she got on. She's marrying a Myanmar national so for her the baby has to be born in Myanmar. Stay tuned...good luck with the rest of it.

Hi shortbread

Can you please share your friends experience of pun Hlaing hospital, and if possible, please recommend a doctor there?
Distance is not an issue, we're looking for a clean modern hospital and a good doctor...

Hi David,
I hope you and your wife settled well in Yangon. Being 8 weeks pregnant and just arrived in Yangon I am wondering what your and your wife's experience has been with prenatal checks in Yangon? Esp. with regards to the 10-12 week and 20 week echo/ultrasound. Were you able to find satisfactory service for this in Yangon or did you seek this elsewhere?

Would highly appreciated to hear your experience!



Just wondering do you have any update on this. Especially with regards to the Pan Hlaing hospital and which doctor did she use.

It would really be useful.


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