Finding a place to live

I need help figuring out how to find a place to rent for a few months to see if this is where I want to live.  I know I can only stay 90 days at a time.  I prefer to be close to the beach and shopping as I don't plan on having a car.

There is a lady looking to rent a condo in West Bay.  West Bay is best place to be; I believe it's 700 or 750 a month.  If you are interested, let me know

Thank You.  I am trying to get things lined up here, Don't have any specific dates yet.  will post again when my dates are firm.

I may be interested. Do you have a details or a contact number ? Thank you

Checking to see if it's still available.  Will get back to you...

you can e mail me at ***.  I still don't have any dates.  Hubby has vacation in August so that is going to be the first solid date I have for a visit and look see.
thank you.

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How about Hotel Chavez in Corozal, Atlántida? No crime and you are near the beach!

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