new in shenzhen - want to meet people

Hi guys,
I Just arrive few days ago in Shenzhen, it's my first experience as an expat 😊 i am french and i love to meet new people to discover the city, drinking a beer, going out, talking... Whatever.
If You have free time let's go!

Hello Amandine and welcome on board

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Hello my name Bouch from Canada I am new in China and I am looking new friends

Hi Amandine,
I'm George and I'm a little new to Shenzhen still. I've been in China a couple years but in Shanghai and Guangzhou so I know a little about China but not Shenzhen. I'm also looking to make new friends and find some people to hang out with. Let me know if you'd like to get some coffee or grab a drink some time.
George :)

Hi George!
It will be nice :)
I dont know yet when I have free time but I can give you my weechat if you want
see you

Hi Ema18, comment ca va?  Je m'appelle Richard.  ***  Give me a call.  I teach Performing Arts at a large Canadian school.

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Bonjour, il faut que je pratique mon français....I am Ricky, I teach English and Performing Arts at the ISNS International School Nanshan.  What part of the city do you live in?  I am close to Daxin Metro on line 1.  Give me a we chat:  *** or it is also my phone number.  This is my second year in Shenzhen and 4th year in China.


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Hi Richard
I live in Nanshan, here since a month.

Hello Amandine,
Welcome on board in Shenzhen.  Interested in learning Chinese? Welcome to join our Chinese learning group.


Welcome to Shenzhen. Nice to meet you :)


The social centers of Shenzhen tend to be around Coco Park, Shekou and Louhu. Lots of expats out and about in those areas that you can meet over a drink.

Hello all :cheers:

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Hi all, I am new to but not so new to Shenzhen. Being in Shenzhen for the past 2 years living in the Nanshan district. I am from Singapore, keen to make friends with the rest of the expats in Shenzhen. Cheers!

Hi I'm Rolland,

I'm from Melbourne, Australia.

I'm soon to be expat in Shenzhen and would like to connect and make new friends!

Hi Rolland,
There are lot of Nice people all around the city 😊 welcome here !! When do You arrive?

Thanks Ema,

I'm arriving next month sometime. Not confirmed as of yet. I'll be working/living in Shekou area.

          i am from india i live in shenzhen, if you have time we can have drink together and be friends i like makeing new friends . which part of shenzhen you are ?

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