Registering/Reporting Marriage contracted abroad

I am a Filipina with a foreign husband. We just got married in Norway recently. I want to register/report our marriage here in the Philippines but don't know where to start or where/what office to go. Does anyone here had the same experience and could help me? What are the requirements and cost? My husband is currently not in the country so I will be the one to file.

Any advice, tips,links will be appreciated. Thank you.

You need to go to the close phil embassy or consulate

You need to visit near phil embassy or consulate

Try this link: … f-marriage

I guess your husband, if he's in Norway, would have to file this. From the site, it seems like you don't even have to go to the Embassy in person. He can apply for the registration via regular mail.

I have no experience in going through this process. When my husband and I got married in the US, neither of us was Filipino, so it wasn't necessary.

Your in-luck lady_diver.. NSO now have an online assistance for requesting a marriage certificate and will be delivered to your preferred address, regardless if you married in a different country. You can go at

Here are the procedures once your inside the website:
Click "Order Now"
You will have 3 options (Birth Cert, Marriage Cert, or CENOMAR) choose Marriage Cert.

Next page will ask:
What do you need the marriage certificate for?
Choose the FF:
-Passport / Travel:
-Employment Abroad (Country):
-Local Employment
-Scholl Requirements
-US Embassy Reverification
-Australian Embassy
-Negative Intact

A next page will show that you will need fill-out the details for the certificate:
-Marriage Date
-Country of Marriage
-Dispatch Number (I am not aware if this is found in your marriage contract)
-Reference Number (I am not aware if this is found in your marriage contract)..

Then you fill-out the details:
-Husband's name
-Wife Maiden name

Then click continue..

A new page will ask you next:
Have you had any legal proceeding done to your marriage certificate?

Here are the selections:
-Correction of entry
-Legal Separation
-Court Hearings

If you click "None", a new page will ask:
Who will receive the certificate upon delivery?
- Place your name or any of your relatives that can receive your MC once it's delivered.
Then click "Submit"

The next page show you the details that your filled-out and will ask you for your contact details (cel number, phone  number and email address). And Delivery Address that need to be specific including recognizable landmarks.

Below the page will show how many copies you need and the amount which is 350php that will show for a single copy.

Then check "I certify that all the information I've provided is true and correct." then click submit.

The the payment page will show that payment is via VISA or Master Card Credit or Debit Card of your preference.

Once the process is finish, you will receive a text and email as reference of the transaction,

If your need further info, your can call them at (02) 737-1111 24/7.

I hope this helps.

It is simple. Search the website of the consular office/embassy of the Philippines in Norway. There you can find the form & requirements needed plus a certain fee. The soonest you can report the marriage, the better. I believe you have 1 year from the date of marriage to report it to avoid any penalty for late reporting. For sure among others, you have to submit an original copy of your marriage certificate or a certified true copy which the consular office/embassy can do for you for a fee. You can submit all the requirements via post if you are residing far from where the consular office/embassy of the Phil. is located. I hope the infos can help you.

P.S. You can also do at the same time: renew your Phil.passport to change your name to your married name. But you need personal appearance to do so. Check from time to time any consular outreach that the Phil.Embassy does. It can be that one of the location where they do it is near where you live.

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