Customs upong arriving in DR - Can i bring Can Tuna ?

planning on arriving in DR on Mar.25
Need information on what is allowed into the country.
Looking to bring with me can tuna

I've never had any problems bringing in canned foods

great to hear that

Tuna is readily available here, why bring it?

Canned goods are fine but why????  It is all available here.

Bob K

I have tasted the tuna there. No a big fun for cat food.
How is customs there? the reason for the question, I am bringing with me my son who is Autistic. He enjoys his PlayStation 3 and TV, would there be a issue in bringing it through customs?

Should not be a big issue. How big is the TV?

just a 26 inch. packed into a suitcase. He loves his PlayStation and TV.
Are customs in La Romana strict with bringing 1 suitcase and 2 carry on? Would it draw attention?

You  should have no issue at all with this!!! don't even worry.

that is a comfort.

After being here 2 years, I will be going to the states for a month. When I come back, I will be bringing a new computer desktop tower and a 27" monitor back with me. My question is, will I have to claim this on the custom form and if so, how much will I have to pay?

I always bring canned foods, electronics etc. I do different things depending on which airport I come in at and have never been charged a thing. 16 years here

Thanks, I like your answer. I will be returning thru SDQ. Plan on having 1 item in each suitcase.

I fly into Las Americas the least but one thing I've found is if you get a porter to help you while at baggage claim you're less likely to be checked. Have some cash in your hand so customs knows you're going to tip the porter.
I had a friend who's luggage didn't arrive till the next day. He had a $100 DVD player in his bag. They wanted to charge him $100. He told them to keep it.
Good luck!!

I'll follow your suggestion. The value of items is $800. I'd hate to think that I'd have to pay double.

Also forgot to mention that I have a cps account, I thought me being in the states that I could get it here cheaper.

Don't send via cps anything valued over US 200 or you pay tax.  Just bring it in your suitcase and absolutely use a porter!!!!

Sounds like good advice............I'll try it and hope for the best. When I return, I'll keep you posted and let you know the results. Thanks!

After returning to SDQ from my vacation, I got a porter who loaded my suitcases with desktop tower and monitor on a cart and walked out unchecked. After getting home and unknown to me, in one suitcase was a 10 pound ham, a smaller ham, 4 ribeye steaks, 2 packs of hamburger, and a rack of ball park hotdogs. Love my wife! Everything went well and it's nice to be back!

Wow she can pack for me anytime :D:D

Bob K

Oh no I missed the invitation to the BBC!!! Hahahaha.

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