IT expert from london looking to meet people in bordeux

I am an IT tech from London hoping to meet people in Bordeaux. currently located close to bordered city centre. My French is very minimal, hoping to improve my French and make new friends.

I'm a teacher and I have created a school : I teach french and english. If you have any problem with french...
visit our website :


Hi oderaro remi,
Just seen your post and not sure if you are still about. How are you getting on with settling into Bordeaux life? My partner is also an IT tech from London and we will be moving to Bordeaux in a months time - also looking to meet people.
Get in touch if you've some time to share your experience so far! Cheers

My name is Zac I'm a student from the city I'm looking to meet English pepole in the city and help them to adjust. I plan on starting a English speaking club in the city

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