Where to get document notarized and computer printout?

Need to get notarized proof of passport and print a few pdf docs, any recommendations?

The second part of your question should be easy.  Just look into any of the photocopy shops around town.  Put your documents on a USB stick with nothing else on it and hand it to the usual young men working there.  Even if they don't speak much English you can just say "Print" and they will know what to do.  This is what most Vietnamese do.  A friend of mine's wife wouldn't let him spring for a printer.  Drove him nuts but he goes along because the money stays in the bank.

In HCMC, notarizing a copy of a US passport would involve going to the consulate and forking out $50 (credit cards accepted)  but that's along trip just for a document.  What they notarize is not the passport but your statement that the copy is genuine.  If you need this for a work permit in Da Nang, your school should be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks, if only it were that easy ;-)

Googling 'photocopy Danang' doesnt come up with anything.  I suppose next bet would be locating a computer repair shop.

As for the notary, I decided to get one online and save the hassle of finding someone local.

Once again Goreme, I find myself scolding you for not getting out more.

I don't know what part of town you live in, and perhaps you live on the ocean side of the  Han River but just get on your motorbike and drive around on the downtown side.   The best part is the Vietnamese word for photocopy is photocopy so that makes the signs pretty easy to read.     :cool:

Perhaps, I just like to maximize my time by leveraging experience of others :-)

One more thing to look for, in màu (means color printing).  Most of these places have a couple of computers along the wall, linked to ink jet printers.  You can print yourself or ask the workers to print for you.  Happy hunting.

Good to know, thanks for sharing :-)

Try googling printing da nang.

jimmythepiipe :

Try googling printing da nang.

If you do you get mostly commercial printing companies.  That's not the same as printing off a few pdf's.

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