English-speaking antenatal classes

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I moved to Paris at the beginning of the year with my husband and we're expecting our first baby in July. I was wondering where I could find English speaking antenatal classes and if anyone had any info they could share?

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Hi! I know this might be a bit late but I was just wondering if you had any success finding English antenatal classes in Paris? I am looking to join some as well as I am expecting too (due November).


I think several University hospitals have English spoken birthing classes (Trousseau, Necker, Lariboisiere, etc).
For sure there are 2 places in west suburbs of Paris were you Will find such :
- institut hospitalier Franco Britannique (Levallois Perret)
- hopital Américain (Neuilly sur Seine)
I suppose there are also midwives that do the same out of hospitals but i don't know one to recommend.
You should also Check if you have Private Insurrance because sometimes it can be expensive if not in public hospitals. Hope that helps!
Good luck!

Oh no problem with the mutuelle, mine has top coverage so that should be fine. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm currently registered at Trousseau so I'll look into that for my upcoming RDV.

Thanks again!  :)

Hi Nikki,
Yes I found a lovely woman called Meagan: she is a qualified midwife and lactation consultant - I cannot recommend her highly enough! She came to our house to give four 1.5hr sessions to help prepare us for the birth, and also came in to the hospital the day after I gave birth to help me with breastfeeding. We live in the 5eme & she travelled in from St Oeun. Her website is bumpandbeyond and her email is blingmeags[at]

All the best!

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