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I am a registered nurse in the U.S. I am hoping to move to Belize with my young child in 2016. I have done quite a lot of research but have found little information regarding licensing requirements or if there are nursing opportunities available.

Does anyone have any insight or advice?

Additionally, does anyone have any first hand knowledge of primary schools in Belize?

I appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone has to offer. Thank you.

Nursing in Belize is difficult if not impossible to get a job in The major requirement is a work permit and that would be difficult and legnthy process to obtain. The second point to consider a well quaiified nurse with a long time in the job is likely to be on a good Belize salary which would still be so much less than even a probationary nurse in the US. The Primary schools in Belize are divided between public and private all teach in English as the first Language. children all wear school uniform and ALL school supplies are the responsibility of the parents.  the structure of the schools is loosely based on the British system infant/primary 5 to 11 the secondary to 16 then what in Belize is called either 6th form or college 16 to 18. If I were taking young children to  Belize I would happily use the school system, but if over 11 or 12  and transferring from another countries system would be more concerned.I  hope this helps clarify a little.
Questions of working in Belize come up all the time and whatever your occupation getting a work permit in Belize is going to be difficult, even when it is obvious to outsiders some occupations are desperately  needed the medical professions being one area in need.

No jobs for immigrants. just the Belizeans

Thank you very much for your information.

I am prepared for the lengthy waiting process and am comfortable with living modestly. I would like to provide service to an area in need and have been exploring volunteer opportunities as well.

I appreciate the information regarding the schools also.

Belize Elementary/high school

Hello. Can you tell me how it works nclex? I'm interested to move to South Carolina and how and where can I make the exam? I'm a nurse in Portugal but I want to move to USA to work. I'm American citizen and my children to.
Can you tell me the salary and the living style and hours of work of a nurse on United States, based on your experience? In Portugal my salary is around 1300 dollars and I work 40 hours per week and shifts of 12 hours. And we have to administrate all the medication and do major part of the work.  And they don't pay us quality hours of service, Im a nurse since 11 years ago and I have a low salary then when I started to work 11 years ago.Thank you very much.

Based on what I hear from nurses, as well as what I hear from my daughter who is a nurse, you can expect to make about $20-40 per hour, depending on where you work and your experience, etc. Most work 30-40 hours a week. That is for hospital-based nursing, not working for a private doc or clinic. I don't know about pay in those positions.

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