fiesta de cumpleanos - Birthday party where?!!!

I live in Oberrohrdorf, near Baden.
Do somebody know where can I celebrate my 8 years old boy Birthday party?
I know Trampolino in Dietikon, we celebrete there 2 years ago.
also know the Bowling in Datwil, the Kinder Museum in baden....
McDonlands or Manor or Migros.... I don't think they have good offers
but are there another options?
Thank a lot.

"Formel"in Bülach   www.Formel. ch
"Starbie" in Dietikon www.Starbie.che
"Kindercity" in Volketswil www.kindercity.che
"Techorama" in Winterthur
"Oz -Bowling" in Dielsdorf
" Park in Grüne" in Rüschlikon

gracias cocci
thank ypu very much
I already know Kindercit<, but I dont live in Zurich

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