meet English

To meet English  people  in Marrkesh  to learn. About. Way. Of life  relax  in sun. Have a healthy  life.  Make. New friends  iam in a very good. Relationship like. To meet same

hello ,

I was wondering if you were in marrakech now.
I will be interested to meet you to know if you are interested to teach english conversation classes to my children.



Hello, I am living in Marrakech with my husband. He is Morrocan and we just startedca touristic business with another American friend.  We have been married and I here in Marrakech with him off and on for 6 years. We always welcome new friendships with fellow English speakers. I hope you make some nice experiences as I have.

Thanks. Where is your business ?

We are doing Touristic Transport Service (chauffeur car). I can't say the name here as it is against the code of conduct on the public forum.  My husband is doing bookings as well as one of the drivers, and I am do a bit of part-time Marketing work. If you want more information, you can private message me.

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