English Teacher job needed in Al Qassim

you can look online for jobs - seriousteachers, dave's esl cafe, also search online for institutes in that area. get proactive online via google not these boards, more than not you will receive wrong info

Thanks a lot, u are top helpful:)

yes , you are right, thanks a lot dear

Thanks dear, you are really helpful

Best of luck Maia :) you have a great chance and good career in Saudi Arabia.

no, I am not interested in giving the private lesson, I want to improve my Cv and have abroad experience :)

Apply to Al Khaleej Education. They are one of the biggest employers in Saudi Arabia. Their recruiting arm is Skyline recruiting based in Pennsylvania.
Go to Linked In .com or has a jobs section where AK regularly advertises. The other option is

Thanks sir, but the problem is All Qassim province in Saudi Arabia, capital is not a problem :(((I really appreciate your help here

ladies can work in schools, however, be advised that if your daughter (if she is old enough to teach) also wants to work as a teacher, then its not allowed -- only 1 female per expat family is allowed to be a teacher...the laws are something difficult to comprehend & constantly changing...but there shouldn't be any issues if you want to work temp or even long term...i'd say: search for english language schools, colleges and universities and apply...
all the best :cheers:

Thanks a lot

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