Water issues resolved?

So about 6 months ago this forum was obsessed with the topic of draught.  I want to know if anything is being done...or thought about in terms of future draught prevention?  I know Cabrera had been working on a water tower?  Or now that the rains have it out of sight out of mind?

Here the general mind set is "out of sight out of mind" and there is very little planning of anything every done.  Just react to the situation.   Sometimes very frustrating.

Bob K

There are 2 new reservoirs in construction in the country to help offset future issues.  I have no idea what if anything is planned for the north coast.

For the record that was the worst drought in  over 80 years apparently.

I knew when I asked what the answer was...but there's always hoping...seems likely that the occurrences of drought and tons sargassum will only increase...did I spell it draught??? LOL...Our neighbors had a well dug fairly cheaply...

Yes there is always hope......LOL seems this year there isn't a drought...rather flooding...what's the reservoir situation on the North Coast...AND we are getting an 'official' water line from the city of Cabrera and hope it solves our inconsistent water supply issue (not holding my breath) Are the water rates on par with the electrical rates?

I think we are fine on the north coast in terms of water supply.

Water is inexpensive in almost all locations, nothing like electricity!

phew! good to hear...27 hours until I land in POP! I can't is super hot I'm escaping the heat to more heat but with a pool!

Have a  great trip

We are just about average for the yearly rain fall so far.  However the water tables are still a bit low but improving.


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