Need help with costing of my products, anyone can share?

Hi everyone!
I am interested to set up a pastry kiosk but I have no experience in food business. So I need help with costing of my pastry products, like how to calculate costs correctly. Is there a someone out there who can maybe meet up with me and teach me and also help me make simple pastry?

Perhaps a stroll around the area you wish to set up in and check out prices at various pastry establishments there. That way you will have the correct prices. not second hand information.

Yes exactly you cant charge a lot more than competitors. Also cost price is a case of make a 100 croissants and add up the cost of ingredients to calculate a typical cost per unit. Then usually that is a third of sales price as a rule of thumb for any food business.

I guess start from working in a pastry to gain experience might be a good option for now.

Yea, it's probably good to have some experience first. And if you already have lots of it, don't forget to do a bit of market research on the place that you aim to open up your premise. Good luck!

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