Any Indians in Dalian- 2016

Most similar posts see outdated. So starting a new one. Any Indians in Dalian. Would love to hear from you. We plan to be in Dalian around summer.

Hello rupa123 and welcome to

Feel free to tell us more about yourself? Are you going to expatriate to Dalian or only on visit?


hey...dis is priyanka...we are in dalian now...i m from india...when you r coming to dalian??

Indians are everywhere.

Hi all. I am Arvind and I am expecting my arrival at dalian in september. I wish to know howz life there and how much is the monthly expenditure there?

Hello Rupa, Welcome To Dalian. Yes there are many Indians , but not all online ( i just joined this site after being here in Dalian for a while). there are Indian restaurants so if your a specific foodie then wont starve. Have a good visit! Dalian is a small city so enjoy the city slowly.

Hello Arvind. Welcome to Dalian. Well the city is a nice place not soo buzzeling like other cities.. but lively non the less.. about monthly expenditure... hmm is this your firs time to CHINA? reason i ask is if your not... expenditure can vary from the location you choose to live at and also your lifestyle... if minus  the accommodation cost one can live to do with about 3k rmb a month... some may argue even less... while others may say need 5K or more... Its all to do with lifestyle you want to live here basically.

so for your question simple answer is make sure you have 3k min (in my opinion)

Thank you so much anoop for your response. I have been nominated for chinese govt. Scholarship from india and hope to come Dalian in september. do you live in dalian? Yes scholarahip stipend is 3k RMB so i think i would be sufficient according to your suggestion because i will get accommodation at university.

Your welcome Arvind, and yes i live here in Dalian. Send out a flare once your in town.

Hi Friends,

I am Prem Kumar from India, currently living in Finland. I am going to work in Dalian for 6 months and I will stay between October 2016 til 30 March 2017. I will work in DICP and I am excited to meet Indians in Dalian and also people who work in DICP. It would be great help if I can find a place with kitchen. I already visited Dalian for short time. Last time I had problem to find friends from India and food.

Thanks and regards

Hello Prem;

  ( hope i got the abbreviation of where you work correctly )
                    Well doesn't the institute provide you with accommodation if your coming to work for them?
In any case try the following site for your house hunt...  ( advise do it once your in town can get a local to help you out as its a Chinese site plus there are 4 campus locations i think.. find out which one ull be at) another thing is do not tell your looking for just 6 months... prices will go up or get harder to find for short lease... tell its for a year... worse case scenario is you will lose deposit if break contract.. i had a friend move for 4 months temp accommodation the original cost of 1700/month went up to 3000 when he said 4 months... he tried being honest in many places... no luck... from the owners point of view it must go up as its harder to get tenets during winter time and also they need to pay for heating even if no tenets!

Good luck and welcome back to Dalian.

About Indian food there are two restaurants.

" there used to be a saying even in the moon if there is humans settlement your bound to meet an Indian ^ ^"  these days its more like if there is no Chinese or Indian in any particular city something is wrong hahah :: its joke for those whom might find the comment offensive or racist in any form or manner. sorry if offends anyone.

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