Homeschooling in Riyadh

Assalamualaikum everyone,  Can anyone help if
there is any homeschooling group or network in Riyadh?
Thanks in advance.

I am also looking to connect with any other homeschooling families. We are planning to move end of summer/beginning of school year.

My husband has been offered a job in Riyadh.  We are a homeschooling family.  I am wondering if there are many people homeschooling there?

Amani center in the place where the homeschoolers meet up in Riyadh. They offer verity of classes for girls and boys.

Hi, I would love to hear about this as this is an option we are considering as well. Please keep me updated if possibile.
Thank you

Any Ladies offering Such Schooling service in Riyadh near Exit 8 Please msg me

i am looking for Evening school for my Son.

Assalamualikum I just now found out Amani center is not active anymore.anyone know any other places?

Wa alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

My friend helps manage the Riyadh Homeschool group and is also associated with the Amani Center. You can join and get updates when they post them … GROUP/info

I cant findout homeschooling families . My kids are 4&6 years .i cant find any sport activities for them as well  :(

Sign up to the homeschooling group, it is active. The members are helpful so ask your questions there.

Did u find something? I have moved to Riyadh recently and have found a wonderful group for is linked with raising sahabas if interested you can mail me u number and we shall discuss further

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Did you guys find out a group? If not i'll help you with it انشاءالله

Hi mistique > do you have any info about homeschooling in Riyadh?

Thank you,

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Hello, we are a Homeschooling family living in Riyadh and we've been here a little under a year.

Why do you prefer homeschooling in a city like Riyadh?

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