From Ecuador want to live and work in Izmir

Hi all

my name is Walter Muñoz, I am 47 come from ecuador.

I expect visit izmir at some time this year. I heared a lot a good things about this city from friends who already visited it. Is my intention not just visit it but to work and live there because of its cultural, historic and social background.

I am a Biologist who has the opportunity to work in different areas: from fishing observer in japanese tuna vessels (1994) to bioessay analist in a goverment institution(2010).

Actually I'm working for the Botanical Garden at my hometown as touristic guide. As you can see it's been a wild ride to me but worthy.

I hope this information help you guys to know me alittle better.

Thanks for welcome me to the community and sincerelly hope some day meet you in flesh.

Chat you around.

Welcome to Turkey forum Walt,

You may want to introduce yourself in the New Members thread.

Also if you have any queries, please feel free to search the FORUM for already provided solutions.

You can also post an ad in the JOBS section.


Hello Walter Muñoz and welcome to

I suggest you to read the Living in Turkey guide to gather some infos to best prepare your expatriation project.

As suggested by Zeeshan you may also browse the forum for more infos, and for job related adverts, please refer to the JOBS section.

Best Regards

Thanx you for the suggestion. I'll keep in mind. Although Turkey became a little messy lately because of the bombing attacks :(

Glad we could be of help. Yes, the situation is messy. Hopefully, things will be better soon.

Good luck

Ali shamungi mashi Walt1968 kikin parlangapata quichua mari ?

Hello everyone,

@ Edojidai, could you please post in English on this anglophone forum so that all members understand you ?

Thanks in advance,

Ok Bhavna sure .

Hello Walt1968 do you speak quechua ?

Hi edojidal
I'm sorry brother, but I only know a few words such as ari (si), guasipichai (remodelando la casa), cushki (dinero), ashku (perro), etc.
Ecuador unido en la adversidad!!
P.S. Sorry for the misspelled words  and the time to reply your message.

Alipunlla mashi walter
Gracias por su contesta

BTW the Terremoto is really so sad following elcomercio and day by day death toll rises as they continue to rescue  no any clear news from provincia de imbabura  quito also shaked so harsely as you know
Do you able  to get in contact with your familia ?
Dios bless a todo Ecuador
from any disaster like this  yet not only americas but whole planeta

kaiakaman / que le pase bien

antalya tio

Hola walter ..

Sadly death toll rised to 413 according to bbc  how is your situation how is Guayaquil ?

Hi edojidal
yes İ'm able to b in contact with my family in m anabí thank God they're ok, as well as in guayaquil's.
B safe and God bless Ecuador

Thank you for your reply

Gracias a Dios 

Take care


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