Natural Healing - can i find garlic, lemon, honey in PR?

I use raw garlic to kill viruses and also ginger root tea with honey for the same purpose.
Honey will heal cuts and scrapes faster and with less scarring than any medication that I know of.
I have also used garlic to remove warts.
Fresh lemons kill colds and clear congestion in a matter of hours.
Will I be able to find plenty of these items in Puerto Rico?
Also are there others here that do natural healing? Please share what you have learned.
Any doctors and nurses reading this, I want you to know that I thank God for you. When it comes to emergencies; broken bones, wounds needing sewing up, comas, just to mention a few, I can't thank you enough.
It's medications and side effects I prefer to do without.

Puerto Rico offers a several ways for you to continue with a natura medicine, and the wholistic approach to health body, mind and spirit.  The Ann Wigmore health institute is here in Aguadillaz  Also well known neuropathy Drs  such as Drs Norman Gonzales  (Padre e hijo have a bio shock store for you needs good selection of herbs teas so do worry about that need mere info send me privat email requesting am afraid the lemons are pricy. ,you need to buy some tree and keep in your house for private use ,. I have 10 trees
Email  me a private email if u need more thing in health.


I live in the San Juan area and I am a Psychotherapist with a Holistic approach.   I am one of only about 5 Sacred Healers.  Please feel free to contact me and I can help you with any resources you may need or people other than myself that you may be interested in.

  Namaste :)

There are so many helpful and healthy things here in Puerto Rico. I just discovered amazing things about papaya leaf. I do not get out of Ponce much between our airbnb house in town and our organic farm in Tibes it is difficult to get away but I would love to connect with the organic/holistic community in the San Juan area.

What can you do with papaya leaves, please?

leaves come from the papaya tree, which also produces a fruit of the same name. Although the fruit is well-known, the lesser-known leaves are believed to have several different uses. For culinary purposes, they can act as a meat tenderizer. They are also believed to be several health benefits of papaya leaves, including removing intestinal parasites. They can also aid in correcting digestion problems and can potentially reduce inflammation in several parts of the body.

The leaves of the papaya tree are commonly utilized in a variety of cuisines, and are a well-known meat tenderizer. For hundreds of years, several different cultures have wrapped meat in a single papaya leaf and let it rest, allowing the natural fibers and enzymes of the green to tenderize the meat. Although this method is less common in some areas today, whole papaya leaves are still frequently used for this purpose. Commercially, the leaves can be ground, dried, and sold as a spice intended to break down the fibers of tougher cuts of meat.

An enzyme found in papaya leaves, known as carpain, is believed to kill certain intestinal parasites and worms that could potentially cause several different digestive issues and other health problems. The leaves can be eaten whole or the essential enzymes can be extracted and used with other parasite treatments in a medication or tincture. In some cases, this occurs simply because the leaves help to clean out the digestive tract, removing parasites and worms; however, the enzymes may break these down in the same manner that they do other things in the digestive tract.

Papaya leaves are perhaps best known for their use as a digestive aid. The enzyme papain found inside the leaves is one of the primary properties of this green that can help to break down protein and carbohydrates in the digestive tract. Some theorize that this same enzyme also increases the production of beneficial acids, which can help to regulate the digestive system. Eating sautéed leaves, or using commercially-prepared papaya supplements made from them, can often provide these benefits. Typically, the leaves or supplements are consumed prior to a meal to help aid the body in processing the foods.

In some cultures, papaya leaves are believed to reduce inflammation, specifically in the prostate. The combination of papain and chymopapain, another enzyme found in papaya leaves, are believed by some to reduce inflammation in several other parts of the body. Some patients with prostate issues, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases have noticed an improvement in their symptoms when consuming this product on a regular basis.

Papaya leaf tea is purported to prevent-cure Zika, Dengue and chikunguya. There is also no known side effects. The young leaves are steeped in water. They can have a bitter taste but steeping them with Guava leaves seems to neutralize the bitterness. I also add lemon grass and sometimes  a few guanabana leaves. We make a big pot of it and drink two glasses a day. There is no proof of its ability to prevent or cure these viruses but a certain village in the Yucatan of Mexico had a high rate of Zika and they revived this natural remedy and I understand hat it works from what I have read. The tea is very pleasant tasting. I was thinking it might be a nice beverage to carbonate and sell as a refreshing bottled beverage with many health benefits besides its potential to cure to these scourges.

Rincon/ aguada area is all about holistic healing
You can get garlic here. Lemon trees grow here as well and many bee keepers so you can find local honey in the Rincon/ aguada area

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